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About promotion of special collection of individual inhabitant tax

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Summary, contents 

Himi-shi works on promotion of special collection of individual inhabitant tax concerned with salaried employee conventionally in cooperation with each municipality of prefecture and the prefecture.

  From 2017, the prefecture municipalities perform designation as person of special collection duty for company which does not carry out special collection of individual inhabitant tax all at once.

 ※It has a lot on special collection system of individual inhabitant tax from salary This Please see this.

 Purpose, merit of approach

  From next, convenience improvement of the tax payment of employee (salaried employee) is planned.

  ・ Because company (salary giver) pays individual inhabitant tax of employee, trouble of payment omit and we also put and can prevent oblivion. 

  ・ The payment number of times becomes (special collection) from (the normal collection) 12 times a year four times a year, and the amount of payment per once decreases.


 Future approach

  Toyama and the prefecture municipalities will push forward approaches such as common knowledge or pressure of special collection system to companies (salary giver) with brochures for spread enlightenment in future.


 Special collection system of individual inhabitant tax…From salary that company (salary giver) pays to employee in place of employee who is taxpayer of individual inhabitant tax like withholding taxes of income tax every month
 We performed the collection (deduction) of individual inhabitant tax (inhabitants' tax + citizen of the prefecture tax) and delivered to the municipalities of place of residence of employee
 It is system to hold.

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