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About "final income tax return of income tax" "report of city, citizen of the prefecture tax"

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  Time limit of final income tax return of income tax and report of city, citizen of the prefecture tax is Wednesday, March 15, 2017.


Schedule, venue


  As for the schedule of report consultation of Himi-shi, it is as follows.

H28 report schedule, plus

 ※sokukawakominkan, Unami public hall, Himi-shi agriculture total management center, 13 public halls divide district in half day,

 We accept in both time.


 Thing necessary for report


 ● We know the income in 2016 (withholding slip or income and expenditure itemized statement)

 ● Certificates to receive subtraction

  ・ Life insurance, earthquake premium subtraction

     Payment certificates (subtraction certificate) such as life insurance premium, individual annuity premium, earthquake premium

  ・ Social insurance deduction

     Municipal health insurance tax and care premium, elderly aged 75 or over medical care premium understand payment amount of money

    (subtraction certificates of National Pension and nation age fund premium)  

  ・ Receipt of deduction for medical expenses medical expenses

      ※You arrange beforehand, and please calculate net total.

  ・ Notebooks which understand allowance for disabled persons grade of disability

 ● When we get receipt, certificate, special spousal deduction of Others donation, we know the income of spouse

 ● We know the account number in the name of person (only as for the person whom income tax returns)

 ● Seal

 ● My number person confirmation documents   ※For more details,  ThisWe open with the other window  Please see this.



Person who needs final income tax return of income tax


  Person corresponding to any of the following is settled in (periods from January 1, 2016 to December 31) during 2016

 Report is necessary.

 ● Income amount of money in 2016 in people who included business income (business, agriculture) and income from real estate, miscellaneous incomes is deduction from income

  Person more than net totals of (basic deduction, credit for dependents, social insurance deduction)

 ● In salaried employees,

  (1) Total amount of money of earned income and income except retirement income is person more than 200,000 yen

  (2) Income amount of money of salary that we received salary from two places or more, and year-end tax adjustment was not considered to be and various income amounts of money (salary

  Net total with) except income and retirement income is person more than 200,000 yen

 ● Person who income tax was withheld, but did not receive year-end tax adjustment

 ● Person who receives deduction for medical expenses



 Person who needs report of city, citizen of the prefecture tax


  Person that the situation of income in 2016 corresponds to any of the following in people living in Himi-shi as of January 1, 2017

 This needs city, citizen of the prefecture tax (residence tax) report.

 ● Person who had income regardless of business income (business, agriculture), income from real estate, quantity of amount of money including miscellaneous incomes

 ● Person who had income other than earned income

 ● Person whom income which was less than 200,000 yen was other than in pension income 4 million yen or less and the pension

 ● Person whom nobody's support has in person without income or people only for tax-free incomes such as survivor's pensions

 ● Person who becomes a target of spousal deduction and credit for dependents of person with address outside Himi-shi as of January 1, 2017


   ※ As for the person who did final income tax return of income tax, report of city, citizen of the prefecture tax is unnecessary.



 Applicable person, please declare next in Takaoka taxation office


 ● Person with income by transfers such as land and building, stocks

 ● Person of blue return company

 ● Person who receives special subtraction such as house borrowed money for the first time

 ● Person whom income tax depends on as occasional income to money of term refund such as life insurance contracts




We confirm right now! I "need" report; "unnecessary?"

Do I need report? 2




[important] About mention and person confirmation documents of my number


My number is necessary



 News from Takaoka taxation office


 It is Wednesday, March 15 from Thursday, February 16 on report consultation day in taxation office  It is 4:00 p.m. from 9:00 a.m.

                       (except Saturday and Sunday)

 In report venue of taxation office, "decision reports make report using making corner" homepage of the National Tax Agency

We are doing. We have you input PC by principle, oneself.


 ※ By the congestion situation, we may finish acceptance early.

 ※ As parking number is limited, please use public transport.



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