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Guidance from Accounting Division

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Main business outline of Accounting Division

  • Thing about the receipt and disbursement of public money and storage
  • Thing about examination of income, expenditure documentary evidence
  • Thing about registration of creditor
  • Thing about preparation of financial statements
  • Thing about authorized financial institutions


Financial institutions which can pay public money

Authorized financial institution

It is financial institution performing storing and payment office work of public money of Himi-shi.

  • Hokuriku Bank, Ltd. 

Storing substitution financial institution

It is financial institution performing a part of the storing office work of authorized financial institution.

  • Toyama first bank
  • Bank of Toyama Ltd.
  • Hokkoku Bank Ltd.
  • Himi Fukuki Shinkin Bank
  • Himi-shi agricultural cooperative
  • Toyama fishery credit co-operatives association

Financial institutions except designation, storing substitution

  • Post office, Japan Post Bank

  Exclusive payment paper is necessary. Please contact charge section at hand when there is not.

  • Convenience store 

  Light vehicle tax is available for payment in convenience stores of the whole country.

  • Financial institution of Others

  As acceptance is declined, and fee may be collected, give confirmation individually.


 Payment proposal book by fund transfer

 In Himi-shi, we register account which creditor appoints by "payment proposal book by fund transfer".

 If there is new registration of account or change, after filling out the following style, please submit to charge section.


Payment proposal book by fund transfer [PDF file /105 .32 kilobytes]
Payment proposal book by fund transfer [Word file /37 .50 kilobytes]




Himi City Hall Accounting Division

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