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Proof about income, the tax payment

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 Kind and fee of proof

 Kind of proof  Contents of proof  Proof fee
 Income proof  We prove the amount of income from January 1 of the last year to December 31 of one year.  One 300 yen
 Taxation, tax-free proof  We prove the citizens of city amount of a tax taxed for income of the last year.  One 300 yen
 Tax payment proof  And the amount of annual tax, the payment amount of a tax prove the nonpayment amount of a tax about tax levied in Himi-shi.  One 300 yen
 Light vehicle tax tax payment proof  It is for examination of land transport station, continuation  Free of charge


 Thing necessary for application

 1.Person confirmation documents (attached file following as for ※ details) of one that can come to window
 3.Report of agent election (as for the member of same household in Himi-shi, unnecessary)

 ※City tax is paid in financial institutions, and please bring receipt immediately when tax payment proof is necessary.

 Request method by mail

 1.Please fill in the following in postal bill (the following attached file) or any style.

 (1) When the person applies

   ・Address, full name (furigana), date of birth, sealing

   ・Necessary certificate, year, tsusuu

   ・Purpose of use

   ・Phone number to get communication in the daytime

 (2) When agent applies

   ・Address, full name (furigana), the date of birth of necessary person

   ・Report of agent election that necessary person filled out and sealed (the following attached file or any style)

   ・Address, full name of agent, phone number, sealing to get communication in the daytime

   ・Necessary certificate, year, tsusuu

   ・Purpose of use


 2.We enclose

 (1) Envelope (thing which we filled in return address and put stamp on) for reply

 (2) Fixed-amount money order (you purchase at post office, and please do not fill anything in.) for grant fee

 (3) Copy (attached file following as for ※ details) of person confirmation documents of applicant




  1060, Kurakawa, Himi-shi

  Himi City Hall general affairs department tax practice section tax payment promotion group


 Attached file


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