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When we are behind with municipal health insurance tax

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 When we are behind with municipal health insurance tax

When you cannot pay insurance tax by deadline of the delivery, the following procedure is taken.



  When it is past deadline of the delivery, we send reminder. When reminder is given, we collect demand fee 100 yen every one of them.

 When you cannot put even if it is past deadline of the delivery of reminder, we collect arrearages.


 When we do not pay tax by deadline of the delivery, arrearages are added from the next day of deadline of the delivery.

 Exception about ratio of arrearages corresponding to date after January 1, 2014 was revised. (list shown below)



  Standard discount of trade bill at passing on November 30 of the A last year.

 Ratio that added 1% a year to number that the Minister of Finance announced for average in until September in the previous year from ten a year months of loan commitments average interest rate (new short term) of bank in Country B before last.

 Identification of short-term person insured

  In substitution for normal health insurance card, we issue identification of short short-term person insured of validity when behind with insurance tax.

 Identification of qualification

  Without special circumstances established in laws and ordinances including disaster, we have you return health insurance card when behind more than one year from deadline of the delivery and issue identification of person insured qualification.
  Person insured qualification proves that there is qualification of person insured.
  We will bear medical expenses in full once when we get medical care for person insured qualification.


 Suspension of payment

  Or all the payment of National Health Insurance is prohibited partly when behind even if it is past one year six months from deadline of the delivery. Still we will win the amount of prohibited insurance payment (allowance for family medical expenses, large amount allowance for family medical expenses, delivery child care lump sum, funeral costs) to insurance tax for nonpayment when nonpayment continues.


 Seizure of property 

  We do disposition for failure to pay taxes to seize property such as deposits and savings, life insurance when we continue insurance tax delinquency though it is admitted that there is enough burden ability.

  Please consult to tax practice section tax payment promotion group without leaving nonpayment when payment of municipal health insurance tax is difficult.


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