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Nation Payment of the pension

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National Pension is social security system of country preparing for the old age at the time of emergency.

 Old-age pension

As a general rule, we are provided when person having period when we paid premium more than ten years became 65 years old. (August, 2017 ...) if hope, do receipt early (raising), and do late (move back), and there is.
We bring forward, and, in the case of request, the amount of pension is reduced and we move back and, in the case of request, are increased. Percentage of reduction, increase is fixed by time of request, and neither changes throughout the life.
In addition, person lacking qualifying period between before becoming 60 years old and person hoping for increase of the amount of receipt can join from 60 years old voluntarily.

 The amount of old-age pension payment (2018)

Annual sum 779,300 yen (in the case of the full amount)

 Impairment basic pension

It is person with a disability because of disease and injury during National Pension participation ※When person who became this meets constant payment requirements, it is paid. If even obstacle after not having been person insured meets requirements, it is paid. In addition, person who became person with a disability for 20 years old is provided. In addition, for one that cannot receive impairment basic pension by not having joined National Pension voluntarily, there is system to be provided with "special obstacle benefit".

 ※ We say case to correspond to the first grade or the second grade of grade of disability list to fix for National Pension Law.

Special obstacle benefit

The first grade 51,650 yen (monthly basis) second grade 41,320 yen (monthly basis)

 Survivors' basic pension

When person insured or person who met qualifying period of old-age pension died, spouse and child with child whom living was maintained at by the person are provided. But, in the case of the death of person insured, it is necessary to meet constant payment requirements.

About insurance benefits of Others

In addition, original payment of National Pension first person insured (independent businessmen) includes top-up pension and widow's pension, lump sum to the family of the deceased.


Detailed contents about National Pension

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