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About septic tank maintenance business

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System summary

* To person who is going to install merger septic tank in individuals, we assist some setting expenses.  

  Assistance is limited in radix to perform in annual budget range. In addition, we do acceptance of supporting application to avoid construction delay between the winter season when until the principle end of December.

* Area for of assistant industry  

  Area where assistance is received is area except area to advocate below in whole Himi-shi.  

  (place that is not planned without maintenance of the sewer being done.)  

   1) Authorization area of public sewer business  

   2) Have been maintained agricultural settlement drainage business; area  

   3) Authorization area of specific environmental conservation community sewer business  

   4) Have been maintained fishery village environmental service; area  

 Supporting amount of money

 The staff who is targeted for processing  The ceiling of subsidy
Five or less   352,000 yen
6-7 people   441,000 yen
8-10 people   588,000 yen
11-20 people 1,002,000 yen
21-30 people 1,545,000 yen
31-50 people 2,129,000 yen

 *Supporting amount of money changes by size of septic tank.


Name of subsidy The ceiling of subsidy
ki*tandokukiyomekaso*kyohihojokin 90,000 yen

*We are applied from 2017.

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 *About model district, This Please see this.

 *About calculation method of the staff targeted for septic tank processing,

   Please see homepageWe open with the other window of Toyama building a house section.


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