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Management of city streetlight

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 About repair of streetlight

 Repair (damage non-lights and blinks lunch lighting) of streetlight in Himi-shi, please contact Himi-shi Construction Department road section road maintenance person in charge.

 On notification, please let know number of (1) telephone pole which streetlight was installed in, the situation (damage non-lights and blinks lunch lighting) of (2) trouble and kind (fluorescent lamp, LED light, mercury lamp) of (3) streetlight.

 When we do not know the number, sorry for your inconvenience, but please let know facility becoming mark of neighborhood or address.


(viewpoint of telephone pole number)


 Constitution of general telephone pole number is as follows. (on communication to city, tell all)

Four columns of numbers

Katakana one character, four columns of numbers


 Sorry for your inconvenience, but, about thing without telephone pole indication and telephone pole indication unlike the constitution mentioned above, please let know position of streetlight in addresses.

 ※As we seem to be trouble of automatic switch about lunch lighting of streetlight, we hear from to Himi-shi Construction Department road section road maintenance charge and ask for repair of switch from this to Hokuriku Electric Power.


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