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Do you not think about "scenery?"

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Do you not think about "scenery?"

Will it be "scenery?"

  What is figure of town where everybody usually lives?

 Heart that rural scenery, village, wooden house, residential area of mountain village, mall ... feeling of life of all people blur on is not space to settle


 Letter called "view" is incorporated in the word "scenery" unlike "scenery, scenery".

 In other words, it is said that we read figure of expressed town, and the space can taste by "watching" space

 It is word.

 What do you feel by "watching" imminent "life space?"


Meaning to make "the making of scenery"

 It is connected for living people being able to spend comfortably and attachment to hometown to make good scenery of feeling.

 In addition, it is "the first hospitality" to one visiting Himi-shi. To have you say that it is, "it is good town"

 What kind of invention is necessary?

At first from place imminent

 It is begun as well as large-scale maintenance from very imminent place that we fix scenery.

 For example, "we will match which "we fixed planting of edge of the eaves" with neighboring sceneries if we fix building with much effort"

 nado, the slight attention are important.

 Of course it is important that we consider scenery when we maintain large-scale building and advertisement thing.

 In this way, citizen, company, administration is united, and let's make good "scenery of Himi-shi" of feeling together.


There is such a scenery in Himi-shi (than Himi-shi scenery basic plan)

"Scenery of city area"

 Ryoshimachi rebuilt after central city area and big fire which prospered for a long time as strategic point of land and water traffic, the outskirts of Himi fishing port,

 Along way where commercial activity developed into wait, and feature regular.

City area scenery


"Scenery of level ground village"

 It is scenery of village located on slightly wide bottom of the gorge plains part of each river basin.

 It features scenery and rural district scenery like village forest where village was united with flatland opening to the forest.

Level ground village scenery


"Scenery of coastal place village"

 It is scenery of village located along the shoreline.

 It is characteristic that "town which can watch living of fishing village is ordinary" that the sea and agriculture was united with the characteristic topography of shoreline.

Coastal place village scenery


 "Scenery of valley line village"

 It is scenery of village located in valley along main river in the city and the branch.

 Geographical features of Himi are characterized by existence of village of a variety of valley lines.

Valley line village scenery


 "View scenery" 

 View including shoreline and river, wetlands has a distant view from place that opened out, and view overlooking from high places such as mountain or building is important

 It is scenery. Tateyama federation over the sea in particular is proud of world eminent beauty.

View scenery


"Scenery with continuity"

 As well as one scenery, we change in sequence by looking from pattern and the car window which are walk, and moving viewpoint

 It features "continuity of scenery".

Sequence scenery


"Night scenery"

 Scenery shows different state by change of time. We bring on original scenery particularly at night.

 Town where we crowded is ordinary, and light leaks, and it will show unique scenery which there is not at omission, noon from house when it is night.

Night scenery



About future scenery town planning "scenery like Himi to mend together"

We perform development of "scenery plan", establishment of "urban environment law".

 Based on Himi-shi scenery basic plan, it determines scenery plan and urban environment law and plans the formation of good scenery.

Main item to examine by scenery plan

 ●Limit of acts such as building or public establishment

 ●Way of thinking about indication and setting of outdoor advertising thing

 ●Ways of thinking of designated policy and maintenance such as road, river which are important in scenery

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