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Himi-shi scenery basic plan was devised

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Himi-shi scenery basic plan was devised

With Himi-shi scenery basic plan

We arrange constitution and problem of scenery of Himi-shi and show basic way of thinking of the scenery formation, and it is guideline to perform town planning that administration, citizen, company collaborates, and considered scenery.

Tateyama mountain range over the sea

 The need of this plan?

It is thought about recent rapid development spoiling scenery while a variety of scenery resources exist in Himi-shi. It is necessary to establish idea and policy by this plan to leave scenery which "we can be proud of in the next generation" like "Himi" by premeditated development while restraining this.

"Basic idea" which becomes the root made with scenery

Went ahead through discussion while referring to result of civic questionnaire in "Himi-shi scenery basic plan development committee" composed of people of learning and experience and open call for participants citizens and set basic idea until now.

 [basic idea] Scenery which seems to be Himi where "mountain and the sea dodge hand" to make together

It was devised three element "topography climate where it was base of scenery" "living and occupation" that let scenery which seemed to be Himi where opinion was in development Committee consist as for this idea by "citizen for area loves". 

"Four basic policies"

By "four basic policies," we develop scenery town planning in order to realize basic idea.

 "We follow" basic policy (1)

 ●We know topography climate forming Himi and keep characteristic of scenery of living to appear in area in good condition

 ●We understand living to snuggle up to naturally and succeed to the space constitution

 ●We plan harmony with natural environments to bring up biological diversity

Scenery with Tanada


"We make use" of basic policy (2)

 ●We improve "inheritance of town" to come from revival from the history and big fire of way

Town readjusted the division of is ordinary


"We make" basic policy (3) 

 ●It is modern and creates scenery of town while harmonizing with historicalness and nature of Himi

Building which we redecorated storehouse into


"We fix" basic policy (4)

 ●We remove element inhibiting good scenery and cover and repair buildings that scenery is spoiled,

  We plan improvement to comfortable scenery

Timeworn empty house

※Please see than the following downloading about the text of Himi-shi scenery basic plan.

The Himi-shi scenery basic plan text

Future schedule about scenery town planning

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