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To prevent birds and beasts damage; I tachinidekirukoto Vol. 10

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Look, wild boars to think about


All of you of Himi-shi A Happy New Year. We are glad that we know wild boar well this year when you can make splendid farm products. We want to introduce ability of eyes and head of wild boar this time.


Wild boar smarter than expected

In area that did damage control of wild boar from old days, we think that there is much one knowing that wild boar is smart, but, in area where damage came out to recently, we underestimate intelligence of wild boar and are in having a bitter experience.

One of the methods to check intelligence of animal has experiment using maze. I tried experiment to stock wild boar which we kept into huge maze for the first time in the world to check teachability of wild boar. Then we repeated trial and error when getting used although we were cautious of wild boar very much first and did not readily move in maze and arrived at goal with bait. We learned directions from start to goal after starting experiment well 3-4 days later and came to arrive at bait without being at a loss. In addition, we coped even if we changed directions until goal, and put experiment away, and it was revealed that wild boar was very smart animal by results that were better than horse.

From this, what can say is that ability that wild boar learns place that can eat bait is high, and it is to thing letting wild boar learn directions to farmland if we do not install protection fence effectively either. Wild boar becomes smarter if careless in expectation that there is little damage.


We confirm judging from eye

 Because wild boar is superior in sense of smell, we should be in thinking not to use eyes very much.

When I heard some sound at time when we discovered place of bait when we observe action of wild boar, we see figure which wild boar pays more attention to the place, and observes state slowly and carefully well. We might have seen figure which wild boar which entered cage saw human being well, and person who had captured wild boar was cautious of. From such an action, wild boar uses eyes well, and it turns out that we live on seeing various things.

Scientific investigation is not done about eyesight of wild boar, but it is thought that wild boar is at the same level because eyesight of pig is a little less than 0.1. We will think that it has poor eyesight when we hear with eyesight 0.1, but, for wild boar which does not have to read newspaper and book, we find cause of danger, and there should be eyesight that we can judge whether thing in the very front is bait, and it is possible enough with eyesight of 0.1.

 For damage control using sight of wild boar, there is method that we put blinkers on not to see the inside of the fields. Wild boar is not going to invade place where point is not seen by force. Therefore we can add effect of blindfold by installing shading net and tin in the inside of electric fence and bottom of wire mesh fence, and protection effect goes up.


Wild boar which the writer brought up

[wild boar which the writer brought up. Sitting trick is possible, too.]


Wild boar which looks at this from thicket

[wild boar looking at this from thicket]


Wire mesh fence which we hid with tin

[wire mesh fence which we hid with tin]


West Japan agriculture research center researcher Soichiro Doyama

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