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Himi City Funeral Hall

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About facility

 Location Kitayashiro, Himi-shi, Toyama character Higashihara 118

 Telephone 0766-72-1042    Fax 0766-72-1042


 Main facility

  ●Cremation ridge cremator (five), filth furnace (one), animal furnace (one), farewell room (two), room (two) which collects bone

  ●Waiting for ridge office, waiting room (Japanese-style room) 21 tatami four, waiting for lobby  


 Attached file


 Facility use guidance

 The fee for use

 Division   Classification  Unit  The fee for use (the city)  The fee for use (the suburbs)     Additional note
 Cremator Person 12 years or older One body  15,000 yen    45,000 yen  
 Cremator Person younger than 12 years One body  10,000 yen    30,000 yen  
 Cremator Dead fetus One body   5,000 yen    15,000 yen  
 Cremator Some human body One case   5,000 yen    15,000 yen  
 Cremator Delivery filth One case   5,000 yen    15,000 yen  
Cremator Dog, small animal of cat Others 1 body  5,000 yen  15,000 yen  
 Ceremonial hall Japanese-style room One room   5,000 yen    15,000 yen

Less than two hours

Dining charges in waiting room are not included in the fee for use.

 Mortuary The body 24 hours   5,000 yen   15,000 yen  


Kitayashiro, Himi-shi character Higashihara 118
Tel: 0766-72-1042

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