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About Toyama Asiatic black bear haunting attention information

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On September 5, 2016, there was offer of Toyama Asiatic black bear haunting attention information from Toyama nature Office of Protective Operations.

We buy bait, and bear acts lively in autumn for winter.

Because you do not encounter damage due to Asiatic black bear, please be careful.

Rich or poor harvest investigation into nuts (acorn) (the bearing fruit situation)

 It is the situation that is better in the same class situation less than, the western part of prefecture in the eastern part of prefecture than year when bear appeared frequently as a result of beech, Quercus crispula thought to be staple food of autumn bear, real rich or poor harvest investigation of co-Japanese oak in large quantities.

 It is the good situation in the western part of prefecture, but please be careful.


About possibility of haunting of Asiatic black bear

 Beech and the situation of Quercus crispula are better than the eastern part of prefecture, but caution is necessary for more bear haunting around village of foot of a mountain because there is point of bad crop.



We are careful about autumn bears!

Witness, trace information of Asiatic black bear in Himi-shi



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