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About welfare

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With welfare

When welfare is one that is not appreciated in life and cannot still live a life even if we do the following efforts as hard as possible, depending on the situation and degree of which is in trouble, we supplement the place lacking and guarantee minimum life and are system to help to live a life by own power as soon as possible.

About requirements of welfare

It is necessary to have you utilize following assets, ability, every available thing including system of support Others before being under the protection.  After that, we compare minimum cost of living calculated in standard that the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare establishes with income of household, and protection is applied when income does not reach minimum cost of living. 

About inflection of assets

When there are assets, property such as unnecessary real estate in deposits and savings and car, life insurance, noble metal, the minimum life, at first you utilize them or dispose, and please allot for cost of living.
(e.g.,: sale such as the cancellation of a contract such as deposits and savings, life insurance, land, house, car, noble metal)

About inflection of operating capacity

Working person, please work depending on the ability.

About inflection of support of duty of supporting person

From duty of supporting people such as parent, child, siblings, please receive support as much as possible.

About application of other law other measures

If there is thing received in law and system except pension and various welfare including allowance, please utilize all.
(e.g.,: a lot of pension, compensation for injuries and diseases, granting an unemployment allowance, health insurance, children's allowance, Child-rearing allowance, Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance payment or obstacle social work service)


About procedure of welfare

Prior consultation

At first please consult with welfare office (Himi City Hall welfare care section) about person whom life is troubling.
In welfare office, we asked about the situation to be troubling and explain necessary documents and consider about application of livelihood welfare funds, various social security measures.

Application, investigation into protection

The person or relative of living together or duty of supporting person, please apply for application of welfare.
About welfare applied for, we carry out investigation into on-the-spot survey, means test for decision of protection. We ask for necessary submission of documents and perform health condition, investigation into assets and inquiry toward the duty of supporting person as needed.
In addition, welfare office staff visits home a few days later and does confirmation fulfilling requirements to be on welfare.

Decision of welfare

After the application reception desk of welfare, we perform necessary investigations and are on welfare or, as a general rule, are decided for (when but it takes date and time in investigations less than 30 days) for less than 14 days whether you are not received.
Protection costs provide with frame which attracted income (pension or working income) from minimum cost of living based on standard that the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare establishes every month.

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