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Local welfare officer children's committee

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 About local welfare officer children's committee

  Local welfare officer children's committee is entrusted with by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare and we always stand in situation of inhabitants and provide consultation,
 We give necessary support and try for increase of social welfare.

(1) Role of local welfare officer children's committee
   ・We grasped life state of inhabitants appropriately, and person who needed support became independent depending on ability of the person
   We provide consultation to be able to do everyday life.
   ・We offer necessary information so that person needing support uses social work service appropriately.
   ・Depending on Others need, we are doing activity to plan increase of the welfare of inhabitants.

 (2) Role of child welfare volunteer
    Problem that child welfare volunteer is entrusted with as local welfare officer children's committee, but affects child welfare
  We are in charge technically.
   ・ We help activity of area charge children's committee.
   ・ We perform communication, adjustment with children's committee in charge of child welfare related organizations and area.
   ・ Depending on Others need, we perform activity to plan increase of the welfare of child and expectant mothers.
 * Consultation which has a problem with things of everyday life as secret is kept firmly,
   Nearly feeling free to contact please consult with local welfare officer children's committee.
 * In Himi-shi 122 local welfare officer children's committees 22 child welfare volunteer (as of April 1, 2016)
   You are, but please contact welfare care section in detail because there is district charge.

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