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Independence support medical care

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 Rebirth medical care (person with a physical disability)

It is medical care rebirth medical care is medical care necessary for rebirth of person with a physical disability and we remove the obstacle or are reduced and increase ability for occupation or to facilitate everyday life. The About insurance benefits is to demand judgment of person with a physical disability rebirth counselor's office.

 It is targeted for payment of rebirth medical care (example)

 Part of obstacle   Target medical care
 Visual impairment  Corneal transplant, crystalline lens enucleation
 Hearing loss  Outside otoplasty, perforation closure operation
 Speech impediment  Skill in formation
 Limbs inconvenience  Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, artificial joint substituted operation, arthroplasty
 Heart functional disorder  Skill in pacemaker shrubbery, skill in coronary bypass
 Kidney functional disorder  Artificial dialysis therapy, renal transplantation, antitherapy after kidney transplant of immunity
 Small intestine functional disorder  Central venous feeding methods
 Human immunodeficiency virus
Functional disorder to depend on this of immunity
 AntiHIV therapy, immunoregulation therapy

 ※Antitherapy after liver swap of liver functional disorder of immunity increased as above from April, 2010.  


 Mind going to hospital medical care (mental patient)

Medical expenses required for going to hospital treatment of psychiatry are supported. In addition, identification of recipient is issued from Toyama.

 Public health care to disabled children

When we can expect certain curative effect by operations for involved site in one younger than 18 years, we support medical expenses required for the operations.

 About application

 (1) Independence support medical care supply application (seal required)

 (2) Independence support medical care medical certificate, opinion book

 (3) Opinion book to affect "severeness and continuation" (only as for the applicable person)

 (4) Health insurance card (thing of all the members of household taking out insurance same as the person)

 (5) Municipal tax taxation (tax exemption) proof of all the members of household mentioned above

 (6) Of income which included pensions of the person in know (only in the case of municipal tax tax exemption household)

 (7) Written consent

 (8) Certificate of the physically disabled (only in the one to have)

 (9) *tei*byo*yoju*sho (in the case of artificial dialysis therapy for kidney functional disorder)

 (10) Identification of independence support medical care recipient (only in the one to have)


 ※(1) About ,(2),(3),(7), it is prepared in city hall welfare care section. In the case of mind going to hospital medical care, (1), (2), (3) may prepare in psychiatric practice organization.

 Burden ratio, the amount of upper limit

Self-pay is fixed rate burden of 10%, but the amount of upper limit (2,500 yen - 20,000 yen) is established all in burden per one month in one and subnormal earnings household (one of so-called "severeness and continuation") which medical expenses burden of considerable sum occurs continuously.

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