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About reduction of taxes of light vehicle tax

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 Division, degree of target obstacle

  About light car which person having obstacle owns, light vehicle tax is remitted by application. Please refer to the following attached file.

 ※As a general rule, in the case of person with a physical disability 18 years or older, it is only for light car in the name of person.
 ※It is usually to one one including car that it is for reduction of taxes.

 Attached file

 Reception desk of application

  Application is necessary every year.

  We send application to one performed application of in last year.

  The following attached file is downloaded, or person applied for for the first time come to tax practice section window.

 ◆It is Thursday, May 31 from Monday, April 2, 2018 during reception desk period


 ◆Reception desk place tax practice section

 ◆Presentation documents 

  1.Application paper 

  2.The registration document (thing to own as of April 1) 

  3.Disability certificate 

  4.Driver's license (thing of driver) 


  6.Going to hospital, tsusho, attending school certificate (when person except person with a disability drives and applies for the first time)

 Attached file

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