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About consumer life consultation

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 At first we talk without being troubled alone!

 At consumer life consultation desk, we perform reporting about consumer life of citizen's everybody, complaint consultation, multiple debt consultation.




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 ○ About cooling-off
 ○ The consumer life brains (consumer life-related glossary)

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  [at first we talk without being troubled alone!] Consumer life consultation deskWe open with the other window



Reliable information (department of Toyama living environment culture Citizens Services Division, Toyama consumer service center) of living

  The latest: Relief information 128th of living

   ●Information (with PDF file attachment) about the vicious commercial law
   ☆"Postcard written as "suit last letter of advice for general consumption rate nonpayment" arrived from "civil action control center". We are innocent and are suspicious. Actions to be taken"
   (information file number 178)
   ●Security, reliable information such as products
   ☆... which there is not thing which cleans ... kitchen utensil which causes fire when we leave dirt of gas cooker and microwave oven diligently, and is easy to burn around, or confirmation island carries


   ※Past information, This You can look at from (Toyama consumer service center).


Reporting to consumers

  About information about the latest consumer life troubles, we publish on Consumer Affairs Agency homepage.

  You have you confirm, and please be careful about future trouble and damage.

    ・Reporting to consumers (Consumer Affairs Agency HP)

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