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We are careful about return gold fraud!

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Return gold fraud increases rapidly. Please be careful.

We are careful about return gold fraud


Return gold fraud occurred in Himi-shi                                      

We deceive saying "it returns medical expenses", and fraud case to let you transfer money occurs

 Posing as the Himi-shi staff "can receive money of return of medical expenses. We called saying please connect with phone number to say for procedure now and let you call phone number of designation ahead, and operation of ATM was ordered to man who gave his staff of social insurance office which coped, and fraud case that we were made to transfer cash to occurred.

 This is called "return gold fraud" and is one of "wire fraud".

 You note the following things enough, and please contact Himi-shi police station (91-0110) or Himi-shi life consultation person in charge (74-8010) by all means when you feel that you are suspicious.

 ◎As for money of return such as medical expenses being refunded in ATM, absolute.

 ◎It is return gold fraud if said, "go to ATM with cell-phone and bank card".

 We hang up once without trusting words of partner, and let's confirm whether it is fact with related organizations.

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