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The second citizen meeting (location adequacy plan, new culture facility basic plan)

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"The second citizen meeting" that location adequacy plan and new culture facility basic plan required on May 20 was performed.

 This theme "would consider a variety of possibility of new culture facility". It was every each problem in group what was necessary and argued that contents of meeting assumed old municipal hospital ruins as the construction planned site and solved "five problems that city had" and had you provide idea.

 As a result, though problems were different, "place to be able to enjoy without place that each generation could enjoy, age relations," common opinion called "place that people who carried the next generation such as child and youth could enjoy" was provided.


   [five problems that city has]

   A. As city area where it is easy to live in, we raise convenience and charm of the machinaka residence

   B. We strengthen the basin mountains and interchange promotion and nodule function of city area

   C. We contribute to creation of various, rich living culture to form spirit of Himi

   D. We contribute to new job creation for outflow range of youth or women

   E. We contribute to value improvement of neighboring areas and sustainable municipal management



State of announcement

Distribution document

[document 2] Purpose explanation [PDF file /87 .73 kilobytes]
[document 5] Citizen cooperation schedule [PDF file /147 .36 kilobytes]
Optional plan "miraikafe" flyer [PDF file /96 .51 kilobytes]

Idea from each group

A group [PDF file /191 .99 kilobytes]
B1 group [PDF file /186 .90 kilobytes]
B2 group [PDF file /79 .12 kilobytes]
C1 group [PDF file /113 .82 kilobytes]
C2 group [PDF file /247 .12 kilobytes]
D group [PDF file /211 .17 kilobytes]
E group [PDF file /251 .74 kilobytes]

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