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The third citizen meeting (location adequacy plan, new culture facility basic plan)

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"The third citizen meeting" that location adequacy plan and new culture facility basic plan required on June 24 was performed.

 This theme "would consider a variety of possibility of new culture facility" from the second sequentially. What kind of "category" was good, or what "we wanted to realize by administration" "thing which we wanted to realize by private enterprise" was divided into 10 groups and, based on "compound idea matrix which the secretariat collected the last shown idea into," argued. We squeezed that it wanted to come true each in administration and civilians to three high-priority things to be similar to the last and had you announce.

 We had experts engaged in building and landscape this time begin discussion based on each knowledge. From a certain group, structure that neither assisted because "profitable thing and unprofitable thing" thought about thought, administration and private community part (space where people gather) in 4 quadrants called "thing which could not pull in customers that we could pull in customers" not what thought with division into two in addition called "thing which wanted to come out by administration and private enterprise" had novel opinion to have possibilities to be completed while many opinions appeared.


State of announcement


Distribution document

The third program [PDF file /58 .62 kilobytes]
Compound idea matrix [PDF file /299 .18 kilobytes]
The use situation of old civic center [PDF file /162 .47 kilobytes]
"Industry to be able to earn" of Himi-shi [PDF file /141 .56 kilobytes]

It is keoshita result for category in each group

One group [PDF file /178 .93 kilobytes]
Two groups [PDF file /151 .42 kilobytes]
Three groups [PDF file /70 .27 kilobytes]
Four groups [PDF file /86 .15 kilobytes]
Five groups [PDF file /217 .99 kilobytes]
Six groups [PDF file /63 .15 kilobytes]
Seven groups [PDF file /100 .07 kilobytes]
Eight groups [PDF file /55 .86 kilobytes]
Nine groups [PDF file /81 .29 kilobytes]
Ten groups [PDF file /83 .67 kilobytes]

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