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The fourth citizen meeting (location adequacy plan, new culture facility basic plan)

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"The fourth citizen meeting" that location adequacy plan and new culture facility basic plan required on July 29 was performed. 

 We said, "we managed, and let's think about one and leading figure of facility" on this theme and performed workshop with all the participants. You divide given opinion into eight items, and how do you want to use up ① until now in each item? ②What do you have on your making of place? For question called this, we had opinion.

 In addition, we told about having set sail for citizen cooperation technique as report from city in earnest. We had you participate in various places of "citizen cooperation business mechanism" as expert who had you concern with project and had you hear opinion of directly citizen's various places in future. By expert having entered, of new culture facility managed, and, about one and leading figure, was able to have many opinions.

 City and expert examine contents of past discussion closely and will reflect for basic plan of facility, conduct design in future.


 [eight items]

Summary of past discussion



State of meeting
State 2 of meeting

Distribution document

The fourth program [PDF file /49 .36 kilobytes]
The third citizen meeting WS summary [PDF file /88 .40 kilobytes]
HIMI studies use meeting WS summary [PDF file /75 .70 kilobytes]

Opinion for eight items

The fourth citizen meeting workshop result [Word file /680 .69 kilobytes]

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