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The fifth citizen meeting (location adequacy plan, new culture facility basic plan)

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"The fifth citizen meeting" that location adequacy plan and new culture facility basic plan required on September 20 was performed.

 This theme "would imagine concrete image of new culture facility and the future of neighboring areas".

 Based on opinions that appeared at past civic meeting, we had master plan image of site prepare from citizen cooperation business mechanism that was consignor of basic plan development duties. Everybody who participated saw the image and blew up image of the whole facility and site each and performed workshop.

 "Interested" had you provide impression, opinion every three division of and "we tell", and, in workshop, "it is good" had answer in it on seeing image from various places of expert.

 We examine more concrete content and will push forward work for basic plan development in future.


Design plan explanation
Design plan commentary




Distribution document

The fifth citizen meeting program [PDF file /71 .00 kilobytes]
Opinion summary of the fourth citizen meeting [PDF file /557 .06 kilobytes]
The fourth citizen meeting WS result summary [PDF file /930 .58 kilobytes]

Questions and answers, workshop result

The fifth citizen meeting workshop result [PDF file /223 .92 kilobytes]

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