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The seventh citizen meeting (location adequacy plan, new culture facility basic plan)

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 New culture facility basic plan draft was shown at civic meeting on the seventh on January 23.

 Based on various opinions that we had from citizen's all of you at six times of held civic meetings, we gathered draft of basic plan of new culture facility until now.

 At this civic meeting, there was explanation such as "summary of basic schedule" "(function) to decrypt of public facilities and assumed private enterprise facility" from city, and rough estimate area and image of way of being used assumed by each function such as business technique, hall or studio by citizen cooperation were shown. 

 In addition, (no company) there was presentation of this schedule, and it was explained "significance of citizen cooperation business" "assumed arrangement plan, space image" by specialists in citizen cooperation business mechanism.

 Question and opinion were exchanged between and experts who participated while surrounding model prepared based on plan draft provided this time in venue.



 We will gather "new culture facility basics schedule" in future while asking about opinion of more citizen's all of you.

 You decide to hold symposium that featured the theme of new culture facility maintenance by this citizen cooperation in Himi Iki-Iki Genki (Lively Good-health) Center from 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 19, and please participate in citizen's by all means widely as you explain basic schedule.

Administrative inset photo
Hasegawa explanation
Takeuchi explanation
Okazaki explanation
Shimizu explanation


 Distribution document

Citizen meeting program [PDF file /15 .62 kilobytes]
Arrangement plan, space image [PDF file /4 .70 megabytes]
Figure of construction plan _ the first floor [PDF file /1 .36 megabytes]
Figure of construction plan _ the second floor [PDF file /928 .36 kilobytes]
Figure of construction plan _ cross section [PDF file /2 .37 megabytes]

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