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The sixth citizen meeting (location adequacy plan, new culture facility basic plan)

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"Civic meeting" that location adequacy plan and new culture facility basic plan required on November 11 was performed.

 This contents were meetings where explanation about draft of "residence instruction area and city function instruction area" of Himi-shi location adequacy plan that city planning, community Designing Section pushed forward became important.

 We made realization of high city of convenience by realization of functional city by the collection of city function and instruction of house and the formation of public transport network, the collection, composition of public facilities and, in Motoichi, aimed at realization of sustainable city by effective placement and pushed forward development of Himi-shi location adequacy plan based on city reproduction special measures law and explained residence instruction area and city function instruction area (draft) and called in opinion of citizen's for this plan (draft).

 We examine more concrete content and will push forward work for basic plan development in future.

The sixth citizen meeting
The sixth citizen meeting
The sixth citizen luting



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Citizen meeting program [PDF file /77 .47 kilobytes]


The sixth citizen meeting opinion point [PDF file /284 .87 kilobytes]

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