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About the preparation to storm and flood damage

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 1.We are careful about weather information

 Typhoon and heavy rain bring big disaster every year.
 Using disaster prevention weather information such as warnings, we prevent damage and can be reduced.
 Let's be careful about disaster prevention administration radio (telephone service phone number: 0180-99-7777), TV, radio, telephone (weather forecast service 0764-41-0177), weather information from the Internet enough.
 Let's confirm the preparation to disaster once again if we hear to see news and weather information that danger of typhoon and heavy rain gets closer to.

 2.The preparation outside house

 ※Let's perform before there is a heavy rain before wind becomes strong.
 ・Window and sliding door lock well, and let's reinforce as needed.
 ・We clean gutter and outlet port and will make drainage better.
 ・Thing which seems to be flown by wind fixes not to fly, and let's store in house.

3.The preparation in house

 ・Confirmation of emergency article
   Flashlight, portable radio (dry cell), emergency medicine, clothing, emergency food, portable cylinder-type cooker, valuables
 ・Safety measures from the room
   We put scattering prevention films on windowpane and will take down curtain and window shade for diving of missile of emergency.
 ・Securing of water
   We secure drinking water for suspension of water supply and we fill bathtub with water and do and will secure life water.

 4.It is thoughtless and does not go out

 Let's refrain from going out that the non-pivot is non-rapid so that we are not rolled up in accident caused by heavy rain and strong wind.
 Please never approach river, dike, the seaside which rose while wind and rain are strengthened.

5.We evacuate to safe place

 If earth and sand disaster caution information appears, person whom cliff bottom and keiryuen inadoni live in will evacuate to safe places such as refuges nearby early.
 Let's evacuate to safer place (room and the second floor away from cliff) by heavy rains by all means in higher than the second floor and house of firm building nearby when refuge to refuge is difficult.

 6.Let's utilize Himi-shi disaster prevention map

 Places with fear of outbreak such as the river flooding inundation caused by earth and sand disaster and heavy rain, the tsunami inundation caused by earthquake are listed in Himi-shi disaster prevention map.

 Please inflect as reference materials such as refuge actions.

    ◇Himi-shi disaster prevention map

 Reference: The preparation to disaster to perform by Meteorological Agency oneself

As you give below the latest weather information, please inflect.

 [information (Meteorological Agency homepage) about typhoon, heavy rain]

   ◇Typhoon information

   ◇Weather warning, warning (Toyama)

   ◇The preparation to typhoon


Because typhoon is accompanied by heavy rain with strong wind, attention is necessary for flood, inundation harm, earth and sand disaster.

 [water level of river, information about earth and sand disaster]

    ◇Disaster prevention information (MLIT) of river

    ◇Toyama earth and sand disaster black spot area figure (Toyama erosion control section homepage)

    ◇Earth and sand disaster caution information (Toyama erosion control section homepage)


Typhoon is the situation that tornado is easy to produce, and attention is necessary.

  There seems to be much outbreak on area of warmth (the south side of warm front) of low pressure and central neighborhood of typhoon and the line right side (northeast quadrant) of typhoon.

  [information (Meteorological Agency homepage) about tornado]

    ◇Tornado warning

    ◇We protect the body from tornado



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