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We make list of person needing support at the time of refuge

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Please cooperate with making of refuge action supporter list required

When river water level rises by heavy rain, and danger of earth and sand disaster occurrence increased, early refuge is important for person that support is necessary for refuge. To that end, support of local everybody is necessary.

Therefore, in city, we make "refuge action pivot supporter list" which information of person (refuge action pivot supporter) who needs support when we evacuate was listed in at the time of disaster and provide to local supporters such as independence disaster prevention organization and neighborhood association (the head of a ward), local welfare officer, children's committee, firefighting beforehand and perform approach to have you comprise in the case of emergency.

Because agreement of the Insured service recipient person is necessary in offer to local supporter of this list, we confirm agreement, disagreement. As I send agreement confirmation about reporting to Insured service recipient, I would like cooperation.


Person to apply to that I send in the case of agreement confirmation

<thing to send>

 (1)News about system

 (2)Agreement confirmation about reporting

 (3)Self-addressed envelope (you put agreement confirmation which had you fill out, and please send to welfare care section.)

<person> to apply to

 (1)Person of single life elderly person (75 years old or older)

 (2)Person who receives 5 from certification for long-term care 3

 (3)Person who receives grant of certificate of the physically disabled 1.2 grade

 (4)Person who receives grant of nursing notebook A

 (5)Person who receives grant of the mental patient health welfare notebook first grade

 (6)Person who suffers from intractable disease

 ※In addition, please can contact welfare care section for person in hope of registration as refuge action pivot supporter.


List information to offer beforehand

(1)Reason to need (3) sex, (4) address, (5) phone number, (6) refuge support on full name, the (2) date of birth


Offer of information

I hand list of person agreed with for reporting of refuge action supporter list required to the next person having you do support such as refuge.

 (1)Neighborhood association (residents' association, regular assembly), voluntary disaster prevention society

 (2)Local welfare officer, children's committee, city, district Japan National Council of Social Welfare

 (3)Firefighting team, fire department, the police


In offering information beforehand…

<in normal>

Based on information of refuge action supporter list (for prior offer) required, we perform preparations or fire drill from day to evacuate quickly.



 ・We convey disaster information such as evacuation advisories.

 ・We confirm safety.

 ・We perform attendant and assistance to evacuation site.

 ※When you have you agree, please note that you may not support depending on kind and scale of disaster, the damaged situation.



It is Seki surukoto in list:    Welfare care charging talk 74 - 8111

It is Seki surukoto for disaster prevention measures: Local disaster prevention room telephone 74 - 8021

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