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About urgent breaking news email

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 About urgent breaking news email for cell-phones

 Information to offer

  When we are judged when it is necessary to provide disaster, refuge information that is high in emergency to be connected directly with civic life, "earth and sand disaster caution information," "evacuation advisory" provides information about refuge including "evacuation order", "Others emergency information" "refuge preparations information".

 What is urgent breaking news email?

  Urgent breaking news email is service to deliver the simultaneous report to corresponding cell-phone existing in base station area in Himi-shi through network of each cell-phone company in emergency such as disasters. Let alone person living in Himi-shi, it is given information from the suburbs that there is in area to commuter, tourist temporarily.

 We may not receive the following cases

 Reception setting of 1 carrying is not accomplished

  →I would like reception setting.

   For more details, it is portable companies homupejihe

     ・ It is errand with au

     ・ It is errand in docomo

     ・ It is errand in SoftBank

 It is not support model of 2 emergency breaking news emails

  →For more details, it is portable companies homupejihe

 Under time and call switching off 3 mobile phones

 Place where (E-mail, c-mail, browser) and electric wave state is bad under the reception of 4 data


  Communication fee that the reception of urgent breaking news email costs, information charges are free.

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