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Do you not enroll in "matchmaking busybody?"

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 Shy people who cannot step into action for marriage when we do not have you push from behind increase…?

 Therefore it recruits strong friends very much to grant wish of person who wants to get married! Uncle, woman, grandfather, grandmother, older brother, older sister obliging by unnecessary interference….

 If citizen's everybody enrolls in "matchmaking busybody", and can play an active part, new happiness increases, and is happier; wait.

Your wide friends and acquaintances are useful for area, and ring of action for marriage support spreads. We look forward to registration of many everybodies!


 Activity to have liked to ask matchmaking busybody

Care of opportunity of encounter of 1 single person man and woman

 Trouble consultation about encounter and marriage of 2 single person men and women

 Participation to workshop or information exchange meeting such as 3 action for marriage



 Application method

You attach person confirmation documents (copy of driver's license or health insurance card) to attached registration application, written oath, and please send to this homepage by window of future talks promotion section to local construction and self-government or mail. When he/she is at window, we let you take copying in us if you can have driver's license or health insurance card.

 For details, you see attached offer essential point, or please feel free to contact by telephone or email.



 Attached file


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