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"Workshop which thinks about public facilities in the future"

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 The first workshop

  On November 26, we held "workshop which thought about public facilities in the future" (the first).

  In city, we examine the way of future public facilities, but, based on talks about thought that citizen's all of you usually hold for public facilities, want to reflect those opinions for the future way.

  We gave an explanation about the current situation and prospect to share thought for public facilities between participants in the first workshop, and to have you understand the current situation of public facilities of Himi-shi. "We want policy of city to reflect what was discussed in workshop" "we want you to carry out what city made it a principal once and decided seriously" opinion "to be important to citizen's, thinking, but to take in expertise, and to argue" was provided by participants.


  ○Date : It is 9:00 from 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 26, 2015

  ○Place : Himi City Hall 201 anti-disaster measures room

  ○Participant :13 people

  ○Contents : Joint ownership (group) of thought for public facilities, explanation about the current situation of Himi-shi

Thought for 271126 public facilities [PDF file /120 .93 kilobytes]




 The second workshop


 We held the second workshop on December 17.

 In the second workshop, we explained citizen questionnaire findings about public facilities which we carried out in September. We had you settle "viewpoint that you wanted to value" for public facilities each after having shared opinion in participants based on them. From participants, "attractive facility where all the citizens could have attachment" toward had viewpoints such as "facilities which were available to any people regardless of age or sex without feelings according to the generation".


 ○Date : It is 9:00 from 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 17, 2015

 ○Place : Himi City Hall area collaboration space

 ○Participant : 16 people

 ○Contents : Explanation of citizen questionnaire findings, scrubbed finish of "viewpoint that we want to value" for public facilities

Thought for 271217 public facilities [PDF file /166 .27 kilobytes]





 The third workshop


 We held the third workshop on January 14. 

 We had you explain the situation or problem of public facilities which surrounded Himi-shi than Professor Nagase of Keio University Graduate School policy media graduate course in the third workshop. Based on them, we performed narrowing to thing which thought that you should value more about opinion given in conventional workshop and had you finally gather up "viewpoint that you wanted to value" every group. We decide to reflect these "viewpoints that we want to value" for the future way of public facilities examining now. 


 ○Date : It is 9:00 from 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 14, 2016 

 ○Place : Himi City Hall area collaboration space 

 ○Participant : Ten people 

 ○Contents : Explanation (Professor Keio University Nagase) about the situation of public facilities surrounding Himi-shi, narrowing, summary of "viewpoint that we want to value" of public facilities 

Viewpoint that wants to value 280114 [PDF file /61 .96 kilobytes]



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