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We start operation of voice, citizen request exhibition system of Himi-shi citizen

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 You can see the correspondence situation of contents of civic request and city civic voice on city homepage from 9:00 a.m. on October 1, 2015. By "ka to see of request matter," we promote town planning of civic participation and collaboration, and o realizes "mutter in form".

 Features of system

  ◇Information such as contents, place of request, the correspondence situation comes to be seen in anyone anytime on city homepage.

  ◇Request place is displayed on the map.

 ◇We can search from district name and charge section, keyword.

 ◇We can confirm progress anytime by releasing flow until correspondence completion of civic voice and civic request.

 ◇Explanation of correspondence mark of civic request

   Request reception desk    
 We accepted request

   Field work finished    
 We finished field work, spot confirmation

    We are doing investigation, examination for budget preparation for degree during investigation, discussion in the year, next fiscal year concerned or the year after next

   Under construction during conduct
 During conduct or thing under construction

   Correspondence reservation
   Thing which can cope in the mid-and-long term in the medium-and-long term future of investigation, the examination means liver

   Under country prefecture request     Thing which we are requesting to country or prefecture

   It has been coped    
 All the request contents were realized


Thing which is not request that city should cope with or request unrealizable clearly

 With civic voice, civic request

  ◇Civic opinion and request, suggestion (thing with contribution, email, telephone) for citizen's voice city

  ◇It was submitted in document by citizen's request community improvement meeting, residents' association, neighborhood association, various groups

 (slight repair is excluded)

 ※We input about thing which there was request after April, 2013.

  We will input about thing during request continuation in future even if it is request before March, 2013.

 ※About registered request, unify correspondence days for operational start now; and October 1, 2015

  There is as (system Pub. Date), but real answer day is displayed about future request.


 ◇You click the following URLs, and please search the district names more.







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