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Public information himi back number (2009)

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It is March, 2010 issue from April, 2009 issue.

  • We bring up himide
  • March municipal assembly ordinary assembly
  • 21, Heisei fiscal budget was fixed
  • Care premium is revised

Public information himi April, 2009 issue No. 666 [PDF file /2 .56 megabytes]

  • Profit making of forest - of e-Seikatsu Co., Ltd. - cedar of tree to begin at inflecting
  • The 19th "Abe Prize" commendation
  • The first municipal assembly extraordinary session of a local assembly

Public information himi May, 2009 issue No. 667 [PDF file /3 .79 megabytes]

  • -Harmony that - flower and green play color in the future to describe
  • It is environment month in June
  • Please use "various consultation" casually

Public information himi June, 2009 issue No. 668 [PDF file /3 .63 megabytes]

  • Drowning accident to prevent for knowledge and consciousness not to add tragedy to summer page 1
  • The 37th himimatsuri
  • Let's enjoy Toyama Bay Cruise on Toyama Bay crossing sightseeing ship in this summer!

Public information himi July, 2009 issue No. 669 [PDF file /3 .40 megabytes]

  • Living of Himi that we began
  • Thank you, congratulations on winning the prize civic commendation
  • June municipal assembly ordinary assembly

Public information himi August, 2009 issue No. 670 [PDF file /3 .88 megabytes]

  • New high school is born in Himi-shi
  • We fire digital terrestrial television broadcasting examination electric wave
  • Deadline for application of Supplementary Income Payment approaches!
  • Recruitment of cultural assets sight-seeing participants "learning Himi"

Public information himi September, 2009 issue No. 671 [PDF file /3 .43 megabytes]

  • Because because we do not catch new influenza, we do not move
  • Proposal from civic social gathering
  • noetsujidoshadohyokenkita IC October 18 opening!

Public information himi October, 2009 issue No. 672 [PDF file /4 .11 megabytes]

  • Because normalization - anyone "usually" lives; climbing over wall of - heart
  • 2009 environment fair IN HIMI
  • Let's be vaccinated for seasonal flu

Public information himi November, 2009 issue No. 673 [PDF file /4 .57 megabytes]

  • Oldness and Himi - himi quiz 13Questions (with original New Year's card design) which want to convey first page plan - intellect
  • Each city facility year-end and New Year duties schedule
  • We clean in the night of water pipe

Public information himi December, 2009 issue No. 674 [PDF file /4 .95 megabytes]

  • We start in thought that greeting the New Year is new
  • Construction work of new municipal hospital gets into full swing
  • So that preparations for report hasten

Public information himi January, 2010 issue No. 675 [PDF file /4 .81 megabytes]

  • Gathering of mini-special feature 1 new adults
  • We wait with mini-special feature 2 raw sake and wake up
  • Report of final income tax return city, citizen of the prefecture tax of income tax

Public information himi February, 2010 issue No. 676 [PDF file /4 .13 megabytes]

  • The stage projects for our daily life - movie; wait; -
  • Hand holding during the fifth new year!
  • March 21 is election day of the Himi mayoral election

Public information himi March, 2010 issue No. 677 [PDF file /4 .54 megabytes]



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