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Public information himi back number (2012)

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It is March, 2013 issue from April, 2012 issue.

  • City hall changes this spring
  • 2012 general account budget 20,255 million yen
  • [dream sketching]   Toshimasa Mizukami (Minamiomachi)
  • [himi future inheritance] Tile tower (father) piece of remains of Kurakawa E exhumation
  • [new corner] Present of surprise message / this month

Public information himi April, 2012 issue No. 702 [PDF file /4 .36 megabytes]

2012-05 (2)
  • The eighth master plan
  • New residence management system starts to foreigners
  • [dream sketching]   Kazue Hashino (Iseoomachi)
  • [himi future inheritance] 2012 "history, folk lecture of Himi"

Public information himi May, 2012 issue No. 703 [PDF file /4 .63 megabytes]

  • We stare at meal beyo - local production for local consumption by seasonal blessing again―
  • Spring conferment, medal of honor danger duties worker bestowal of an order
  • [dream sketching]   Risa Kano
  • [himi future inheritance] The remains of Tsuboike Shirasaka and Himi oldest earthenware vessel

Public information himi June, 2012 issue No. 704 [PDF file /4 .00 megabytes]

  • ・Toyama atomic energy disaster prevention drill, Himi-shi education promotion basic plan
  • [dream sketching]   Hiroshi Tokai (kubo)
  • [himi future inheritance] We will look for! Snail "mountain Takama Imai"

Public information himi July, 2012 issue No. 705 [PDF file /3 .97 megabytes]


  • Trace of 60
  • Commendation ceremony, civic commendation ceremony, thank you prize commendation ceremony of the 60th anniversary of the Himi municipal organization enforcement
  • [dream sketching]   Shuta Nishioka (Inazumi) [himi future inheritance] onzohammatsuri (guardian deity of children Festival)

Public information himi August, 2012 issue No. 706 [PDF file /4 .06 megabytes]


  • ・Examine move of city hall; the Himi Line whole line opening 100th anniversary!  Feel breath of the first century
  • [dream sketching]   seikawakan* (kubo)
  • [himi future inheritance] Armor - iyodanoyama sango*dedotanko of Burial Mound age―

Public information himi September, 2012 issue No. 707 [PDF file /3 .42 megabytes]


  • himi watch box street October 5 opening
  • Let's eat water oat bamboo!
  • [dream sketching]   Toru Hamamoto (Ao)
  • [himi future inheritance] Plow and horse-labor farming of Himi

Public information himi October, 2012 issue No. 708 [PDF file /4 .25 megabytes]




  • ・It is line kammaike to watch box street!  ・The 40th himimatsuri
  • [dream sketching]   Masaru Kiwada (Nagasaka)
  • [himi future inheritance] The remains of Kotake of maitadakisan

Public information himi November, 2012 issue No. 709 [PDF file /4 .17 megabytes]


  • ・We are announcing line so traffic fatal accident-prone warning to hot spring
  • [dream sketching]   Yuki Mori (Nakamura)
  • [himi future inheritance] Earthen vessel and garden candy ruins of a kiln of Burial Mound age

Public information himi December, 2012 issue No. 710 [PDF file /4 .43 megabytes]


  • Season for the first time in the himi cold season came over!
  • Greetings of the New Year
  • 2012 Himi-shi 10 great news
  • [dream sketching]   anakuramu (Ono)
  • [himi future inheritance] Imizu-gun gore, cheap Tsutomu Hiroshima

Public information himi January, 2013 issue No. 711 [PDF file /4 .18 megabytes]



  • Let's prepare for disaster!
  • Is it charm of - Himi, word rammaike with Rie Shibata?―
  • [dream sketching]   Takayasu Hashizume
  • [himi future inheritance] Sumi coating textbook and brochure textbook

Public information himi February, 2013 issue No. 712 [PDF file /4 .66 megabytes]



  • Wisteria winnow fabrication method of Ronden, Kumanashi in important formlessness folk cultural assets of country designation
  • Course and the city area tour bus schedule are changed
  • [dream sketching]   Kazutaka Kunimoto
  • [himi future inheritance] Do you not admire giant tree?  Cherry tree (city designation natural monument) of - Yokawa old temple―

Public information himi March, 2013 issue No. 713 [PDF file /4 .28 megabytes]






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