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Public information himi back number (2015)

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It is March, 2016 issue from April, 2015 issue.

  • himi fishery interchange building fish seat
  • [Quito Quito health life] Of doctor good at child on the night and holiday hang;
  • [dream sketching] Takuma Yasuhira
  • [himi future inheritance] Animal bone of morning sun shell mound exhumation

   On the date and time of preview in seven pages, we correct at noon from 10:00 a.m.

Public information himi April, 2015 issue [PDF file /4 .72 megabytes]

  • Hand fish seat during spring
  • [Quito Quito health life] Indication of daily salt intake
  • [dream sketching] Rika Kamiji
  • [himi future inheritance] Backyard - Himi-shi cultural assets center of museum and the role―

  <correction>   About caption of photograph of three pages of top right corner, player name was wrong.    Mistakenly: Matsuo-like I player plus: Three pages of Kenta Soba was central, and name of a prefecture of Meirin Junior High School was wrong.    Mistakenly: Fukuoka plus: About breakdown of Fukui 14 pages city tax, amount of money of "city tobacco tax" and "light vehicle tax" was wrong.    City tabacco tax false: 119,540,000 yen plus: 325,980,000 yen    Subcompact motor vehicle tax false: 356,510,000 yen plus: We correct 150,070,000 yen and apologize.

Public information himi May, 2015 issue (P1-18) [PDF file /4 .56 megabytes]

Public information himi May, 2015 issue (P19-32) [PDF file /2 .12 megabytes]

  • Community Revitalization Aid
  • [Quito Quito health life] Cause of cavity and preventive method
  • [dream sketching] Yoko Hayashi
  • [himi future inheritance] Spot made with salt, the remains of nine lords Beach

Public information himi June, 2015 issue [PDF file /3 .34 megabytes]

  • Local construction
  • [Quito Quito health life] Prostate cancer examination
  • [himi future inheritance] The point of contact of East-West - east and west of winnowing fan, winnowing fan of Himi―

Public information himi July, 2015 issue [PDF file /4 .75 megabytes]  

  • Summer event special feature district construction
  • [Quito Quito health life] Let's prevent obesity of child!      
  • [dream sketching] Masato Araki Kanae
  • [himi future inheritance] Cave remains of Himi

Public information himi August, 2015 issue (P1-15) [PDF file /2 .73 megabytes]

Public information himi August, 2015 issue (P16-28) [PDF file /2 .84 megabytes]

  • Nordic events walking
  • [Quito Quito health life] Let's go to cancer screening     
  • [himi future inheritance] itasempara discharge event

Public information himi September, 2015 issue [PDF file /4 .57 megabytes]



  • himi eternal gourmet Expo
  • Waseda University Cheerleading Club summer camp
  • [Quito Quito health life] Let's protect child from harm of cigarette           
  • [dream sketching] Wide Hidenobu   
  • [himi future inheritance] Shipwright of Himi and the technique

Public information himi October, 2015 issue [PDF file /4 .71 megabytes]


  • Municipal administration "of" citizen participation of Himi-shi is global assessment!
  • [Quito Quito health life] Blood sugar level is already dangerous to "it is slightly high"?           
  • [dream sketching] Ryosuke Kawakami   
  • [himi future inheritance] Dugout of Himi-shi exhumation

Public information himi November, 2015 issue (P1-14) [PDF file /4 .65 megabytes]

Public information himi November, 2015 issue (P15-28) [PDF file /4 .49 megabytes]  

  • Local construction begins in here
  • [Quito Quito health life] Do you know appropriate amount of liquor?           
  • [dream sketching] kitashikatoko*   
  • [himi future inheritance] The remains of Iwaya of Himi

Public information himi December, 2015 issue (P1-11) [PDF file /4 .23 megabytes]

Public information himi December, 2015 issue (P12-32) [PDF file /4 .20 megabytes]


  • Greetings of the New Year
  • Himi-shi 10 great news
  • [Quito Quito health life] Let's move body well since childhood!           
  • [himi future inheritance] Country designated historic spot Yanagita cloth Oyama old burial mound
  • New adult X mayor district construction earnest talk
  • Himi-shi formula homepage is updated
  • [Quito Quito health life] Can you sleep recently?
  • [dream sketching] Pincushion reason Hiro
  • [himi future inheritance] Fixed shore net of the Edo era
  • Hand information during spring
  • [Quito Quito health life] Making of health volunteer
  • [dream sketching] Keisuke Kawaberi
  • [himi future inheritance] "Thought stage recital" ties person and person



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