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Public information himi back number (2014)

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It is March, 2015 issue from April, 2014 issue.

  • Organization of city hall changes
  • [himi future inheritance] Remains 400 of Himi
  • [dream sketching] Courtyard in front of the main house in the Imperial Palace of Kaizu

Public information himi April, 2014 issue No. 726 [PDF file /4 .39 megabytes]

  • City hall moves
  • New fiscal budget
  • [himi future inheritance] Fender "tede" of hoe
  • [dream sketching] Eri Nakayama

Public information himi May, 2014 issue No. 727 [PDF file /4 .74 megabytes]

  • Introduction of the city hall
  • Himi-shi town planning seminar
  • [himi future inheritance] Tuna and tent ship of Himi
  • [dream sketching] Miho Nakamura

Public information himi June, 2014 issue No. 728 [PDF file /4 .48 megabytes]

July, 2014 public information cover
  • Let's go to inhabitants medical examination
  • [Quito Quito health life] Let's be careful about heat stroke!
  • [dream sketching] *imu, Takako Fukui
  • [himi future inheritance] Remains of Ko Matsuda Beach and dune

Public information himi July, 2014 issue No. 729 [PDF file /4 .37 megabytes]


  • Summer event
  • [Quito Quito health life] Fall, and is sports; inhabitants medical examination
  • [dream sketching] Yui Fukuki Akino
  • [himi future inheritance] It is omoki structure and ditch

Public information himi August, 2014 issue No. 730 [PDF file /4 .38 megabytes]  

  • Hand held decision during spring
  • [Quito Quito health life] Let's prevent obesity
  • [dream sketching] Akiyoshi Oguma
  • [himi future inheritance] itasempara

Public information himi September, 2014 issue No. 731 [PDF file /4 .56 megabytes]  

  • October 12 to old sea foods building
  • [Quito Quito health life] Let's prevent obesity of child
  • [dream sketching] Kamisho battle
  • [himi future inheritance] We walk old Himi

 ※"Jolly" is generally scientific, and it is "Gastrodia Tuber ship", but, about notation of "fine steed ship" of two pages of sentences, uses "fine steed ship" as naming with dream by this event.

 ※"City where Hacchomichi is interesting" of 13 pages of sentences is held on October 19.

Public information himi October, 2014 issue No. 732 [PDF file /4 .87 megabytes]

  • Town planning lecture
  • [Quito Quito health life] The making of bone strong steadily
  • [dream sketching] Tsubasa Ito
  • [himi future inheritance] Himi-shi picturesque scenery bird's-eye view ku
  • [topic of waiting] Long-awaited futsal ground completion!

 ※13 pages of "illuminations, in, himi" from November 26

 It became change in schedule on November 25.

Public information himi November, 2014 issue No. 733 [PDF file /4 .41 megabytes]  

  • Atomic energy disaster prevention, person with a disability understanding
  • [Quito Quito health life] The infectious disease prevention of child
  • [dream sketching] Sumie Okabe
  • [himi future inheritance] Large camellia of Fudo Nagasaka

Public information himi December, 2014 issue No. 734 [PDF file /5 .15 megabytes]  

  • Greetings of the New Year, Himi-shi 10 great news
  • [Quito Quito health life] The prevention that is soaked in the media
  • [dream sketching] Ichiro Arai
  • [himi future inheritance]   Salt yellowtail and yellowtail basket

 ※no sentence, (you can see current issue on page 3 and page 17) that page 6 "starts delivery of AR video!" are (you can see current issue on page 4 and page 17). We apologize and correct.

Public information himi January, 2015 issue No. 735 [PDF file /5 .26 megabytes]



  • We talk about mayor will with new adult
  • [Quito Quito health life] To keep your "heart" and "life"
  • [dream sketching] himikitokito laboratory
  • [himi future inheritance] Himi of Jomon period

Public information himi February, 2015 issue No. 736 [PDF file /4 .54 megabytes]



  • We are finally opened! The Hokuriku Shinkansen
  • [Quito Quito health life] Let's spend the menopause well
  • [dream sketching] mujikagurato Himi Clarinet quartet
  • [himi future inheritance] Fishery tool of Himi and environs

Public information himi March, 2015 issue No. 737 [PDF file /7 .40 megabytes]






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