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Public information himi back number (2016)

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It is March, 2017 issue from April, 2016 issue.

Cover Contents
Public information himi March issue cover
March, 2017 issue

National junior high student handball championship of 8 twelfth new year

10 urban road authorized in city plan Himi Fukuki lines are opened!

13 Sunday, April 2 is election days of the Himi mayoral election

Measures that 15 [our being able to do it to prevent birds and beasts damage] is right stop wild boar damage!

News from 18 gender equalities

Public information himi February issue cover
February, 2017 issue

We hold way of 4 encouragement of study program briefing session

Report of final income tax return city, citizen of the prefecture tax of 8 income tax

12 December municipal assembly ordinary assemblies

Each 13 2015 Himi-shi accounts statement of accounts

Participation school in hand Himi-shi representative decision during 28 spring!

Public information himi January issue cover
January, 2017 issue

Greetings of 2 New Year

4 2016 Himi-shi 10 great news

Encouragement of study program that it is such 6 special features begins!  

We make various places to stay in 10 old municipal hospital trace geographical advantage utilization scenery

12 "town planning contact talk of the mayor" total summaries

Public information himi December issue cover
December, 2016

2 special feature woman assemblies were held

Is that you do not make 5 action for marriage ~?

6 Himi-shi IJU (emigration) support center is open!

Bestowal of an order of 9 autumns

Each 11 facility year-end and New Year absent news

Lie and the truth of 17 [our being able to do it to prevent birds and beasts damage] wild boars reproduction

Public information himi November issue cover
November, 2016

2 special feature fish food culture leading projects, start

5 Himi-shi supports koikatsu and action for marriage of everybody

6 himi color scenery private supplementary school 8 Himi-shi area pride meet holding

9 Haruka Mera lectures

Wild boar damage that 21 [our being able to do it to prevent birds and beasts damage] non-interference fruit trees let you increase

Public information himi October issue cover
October, 2016 issue

Conventional approach 25 [our being able to do it to prevent birds and beasts damage] second-rate ear of 16 [fish seat news] fish seat that they wait, and 12 resident's cards start certificate door-to-door parcel delivery service in autumn of 10 art, entertainment, culture in autumn of gourmet Expo held 8 sports in Himi 6 third himi eternity bringing up 2 special feature children draws wild boar

Public information himi cover September issue
September, 2016 issue

Of 2 special feature sports wait; Himi 

A service content of 8 route buses is changed

Eight supporting systems about 9 houses, emigration

10 Community Revitalization Aid new member introductions

We are careful about bears of 11 autumns!

12 woman assembly starts

News from 14 gender equalities

Setting point of 25 [our being able to do it to prevent birds and beasts damage] wire mesh fences

30 [dream sketching] Miki Ogawa

Public information himi August issue cover
August, 2016 issue

Event special feature of 2 summer

About 6 special feature old municipal hospital trace geographical advantage utilization

10 Community Revitalization Aid new member introductions

Farm products certification system that is kind to 11 Himi-shi environment

12 Child-rearing allowance, Special Child Rearing Allowance

Let's use 13 sewers definitely

July, 2016 issue

Let's go 2 election to intellect rou, vote

8 oratcha construction support project offer 10 Toyama Bay bank cycling

12 tototaberone Himi

13 [fish seat news] day after tomorrow morning glory projects

14 citizen commendation, thank you prize commendation

Deadline of a lot of 16 insurance tax, premium

Let's use 25 [our being able to do it to prevent birds and beasts damage] electricity fences effectively

26 [Quito Quito health life] inhabitants medical examination begins

H28. June issue
June, 2016 issue

Let's prepare for 2 [earth and sand disasters prevention month] earth and sand disasters, storm and flood damage

Let's follow 6 [environment month] natural environments

Farm products direct sale place in 7 [food education month] cities, farmhouse restaurant

8 2016 city staff employment examination guidance

10 spring conferment, dangerous duties worker bestowal of an order

Please consult without being troubled with 11 one

May, 2016 issue
May, 2016 issue

2 Golden Eco week event information

Facility of 4 four is completed

8 2016 Himi City Hall key member introductions

April, 2016 issue

Part of two organizations changes

Budget of 4 2016 Himi-shi

8 Himi-shi formula homepages are renewed

Do you not think about 10 "sceneries?"



[apology and correction] 

・20 pages of public information himi May issue number of the households of "population and household" included error.
 It is 17,689 households (plus) of 17,669 households (mistakenly)

・12 pages of public information himi June issue had error in "special accounts fishery interchange facility business special accounts budget amount" in "financial status of city in 27, Heisei second half of the fiscal year".
 It is 858,790,000 yen (plus) 85,880,000 yen (mistakenly)

・In 22 pages of public information himi June issue "news from municipal hospital," the name of lecturer of "making of health classroom" included error.
 It is kawajo* (plus) kawajo* (mistakenly)

・19 pages of public information himi July issue had error in article contents of "Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Hase inspects city facility" in "topic of town".
 Junior high school teacher observes English class to instruct fourth grader (mistakenly) (plus) and, by class of foreign language activity of sixth grader, observes state that teacher in charge of the class teaches to with teacher English department and ALT (assistant language teacher) of junior high school,

・In 15 pages of public information himi January issue "27th scenery exhibition seminar in Himi," the name of lecturer included error.   It is Ryozo Takeda (plus) Ryozo Takeyama (mistakenly)

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