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Public information himi back number (2017)

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It is March, 2018 issue from April, 2017 issue.

Cover Contents
Public information himi March issue cover
March, 2018 issue

We hold 2 citizen assemblies
We promote 6 ICT education
Hand information during 10 spring
13 vaccinations
Recruitment of members of a lot of 14 lecture, circle

Public information himi February issue cover
February, 2018 issue

Gathering, oldness and Himi talk of 2 new adults
4 city area grand design
10 world, agriculture inheritance of Japan
As a result of 12 earthquake damage assumption investigations
14 December municipal assembly ordinary assemblies
16 final income tax returns, report of city, citizen of the prefecture tax
Recruitment of 19 part-time service, temporary workers

※Start time of civic assembly plenary session (Sunday, February 4 holding) of publication was changed to 14 pages of February issue as follows.

[before change] 1:00 p.m. [after the change] 1:30 p.m.

[apology and correction] ※In article of Nanao-shi event information "the 29th Wakura Onsen northern country spring flower fire" of 25 pages of February issue, we had error on the date.

[mistakenly] Sunday, April 1 [plus] Saturday, April 7 

Public information himi January issue cover
January, 2018 issue

Greetings of 2 New Year
3 Himi-shi 10 great news
7 staff adoption
Operation 8 Toyama meal loss zero
Report preparations for 12 tax

Public information himi December issue cover
December, 2017 issue

2 citizen assemblies
Town planning contact talk of 4 mayors
Bestowal of an order of 7 autumns
Management of service pipe of 10 winter season
The year-end and New Year rest of each 11 facility

Public information himi November issue cover
November, 2017 issue

2 city area grand design
6 sea breeze gallery tenth anniversary
8 remote place patrol medical treatment
10 matchmaking promotion business
Report preparations for 16 year-end tax adjustments, tax
17 influenza vaccinations

Public information himi October issue cover
October, 2017 issue

2 wild animals measures
4 himi food Aya Festival 
10 mokuiku
16 grandchildren and outing
Recruitment of 17 citizen congressists

[apology and correction]

In article of ten pages of October issue "mokuiku caravan in Himi", there was error.

It is mujikagurado (plus) mujikagurato Himi (mistakenly)

Public information himi September issue cover
September, 2017 issue

2 disaster prevention special features
6 lion dance exchange meetings
Autumn of 7 sports
News from 12 gender equalities "ring"

Public information himi August issue cover
August, 2017 issue

2 Himi spirit projects
8 June municipal assembly ordinary assemblies
11 Himi-shi fishery cultural exchange center
12 staff adoption

Public information himi July issue cover
July, 2017 issue

2 action for marriage
4 citizen commendation, thank you prize
6 event information
Guidance of a lot of 12 insurance tax, premium
22 inhabitants medical examination

※"Specialist on Sunday in holiday medical treatment turn" was changed to 25 pages of July issue as follows on Monday (holiday), 23rd on Sunday, July 2 of publication, 17th.
Sunday, July 2 [before change] Fukuda physician's office [after the change] Takashima clinic
July 17 Monday (holiday) [before change] Kawai physician's office [after the change] Matsui internal medicine clinic (call) (Iseoomachi) Tel72-0074 
Sunday, July 23 [before change] Takashima clinic [after the change] Fukuda physician's office

※Rate 800 yen of "fishing with a seine experience" of publication was changed to 1,000 yen to six pages of July issue.

Public information himi June issue cover
June, 2017 issue

2 comes, and time and 100 years old do gymnastics
6 earth and sand disasters prevention month
Farm products direct sale place in nine, farmhouse restaurant
Ten staff employment examinations
13 spring conferment, dangerous duties worker bestowal of an order

※"Specialist on Sunday, June 25 of publication in holiday medical treatment turn" was changed to 29 pages of June issue as follows.
[before change] Fukuda physician's office [after the change] Nakamura Memorial Hospital (inner) (Shimao) Tel91-1307

Public information himi May issue cover
May, 2017 issue

2 Masayuki Hayashi new mayor interviews
Festival 2017 of 4 himi flowers and green
10 second "pro-kon"
12 oratcha construction support project result briefing sessions
Please be careful about bears after 13 hibernation

Public information himi April issue cover
April, 2017 issue

Work-life balance of 6 special feature 2 Himi-shi
Budget of 10 2017 Himi-shi
About result of 12 Toyama tsunami simulation investigations
14 seventh "prizes for Himi warm child care support"
We make a reservation of 15 Oura second industrial areas (tentative name) and sell in lots
16 March municipal assembly ordinary assemblies
We support 18 infertility treatment




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