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Public information himi back number (2008)

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It is March, 2009 issue from April, 2008 issue.

  • Kanazawa Medical University Himi Municipal Hospital opened on April 1!
  • 20, Heisei fiscal budget was fixed
  • March municipal assembly ordinary assembly
  • From May 1, person confirmation becomes rule on grant request such as copies of family register proof and resident's card
  • We cut water rates from April

Public information himi April, 2008 issue No. 654 [PDF file /2 .32 megabytes]

  • Junior high student handball championship of the third new year
  • Kanazawa Medical University Himi Municipal Hospital toward hospital which took root in area
  • Poliomyelitis vaccination
  • Visiting Himi yuttarimachinaka

Public information himi May, 2008 issue No. 655 [PDF file /2 .44 megabytes]

  • We come and plan time and town planning of Himi meal
  • City farm products direct sale place
  • Spring conferment, medal of honor, the tenth danger duties worker bestowal of an order
  • Financial status of 19, Heisei second half of the fiscal year Himi-shi
  • Kanazawa Medical University Himi Municipal Hospital toward hospital which took root in area

Public information himi June, 2008 issue No. 656 [PDF file /2 .53 megabytes]

  • Let's reflect the watashitachinohimi SEA - sea―
  • The 36th himimatsuri
  • Tokai Hokuriku Expressway whole line opening memory festival
  • Introduction of "Himi-shi oldness and support donation"

Public information himi July, 2008 issue No. 657 [PDF file /3 .08 megabytes]

  • Exclusive interview honorary citizen Fujio Fujiko Ⓐ
  • Thank you, congratulations on winning the prize civic commendation
  • Ninja Hattori Nin Nin spirit Festival in Himi
  • It is important news about TV
  • June municipal assembly ordinary assembly

Public information himi August, 2008 issue No. 658 [PDF file /3 .24 megabytes]

  • Summer "mujikagurato Himi" cheerful in Beijing in Himi in China "ninja Hattori Nin Nin spirit Festival" in Himi
  • '08 "meal capital" Quito, Quito, Himi festival
  • The 31st Himi seaside marathon event
  • Do you finish inhabitants medical examination?

Public information himi September, 2008 issue No. 659 [PDF file /2 .53 megabytes]

  • "Meal capital" Quito, Quito, Himi festival
  • Identification of person insured of National Health Insurance changes from October 1!
  • We accept nursery school entrance application
  • We distribute Toyama native child care support ticket

Public information himi October, 2008 issue No. 660 [PDF file /2 .03 megabytes]

  • Does men not begin volunteer activity together?
  • We will go to hot spring of sister city♪
  • September municipal assembly ordinary assembly
  • Let's begin preparations for declaration of income and year-end tax adjustment!

Public information himi November, 2008 issue No. 661 [PDF file /2 .44 megabytes]

  • It is yourself to keep security of living
  • Let's prevent influenza
  • Duties guidance of the year-end and New Year city
  • We announce salary of staff of city

Public information himi December, 2008 issue No. 662 [PDF file /2 .26 megabytes]

  • Greetings of the New Year
  • Himi-shi 10 great news
  • It was reported "Himi-shi elementary and junior high school future planning"
  • December municipal assembly ordinary assembly
  • The duties starting date of beginning of the year city

Public information himi January, 2009 issue No. 663 [PDF file /2 .77 megabytes]

  • Cheerful 20 years old makes the future!
  • Hand information during spring
  • So that name change, junk car procedure of light car hastens
  • Let's do tax return for 2008!

Public information himi February, 2009 issue No. 664 [PDF file /2 .25 megabytes]

  • Hot spring came over! Hand eagerness plan during spring
  • The forum "food culture and history of Himi" of - meal to think about in the third - Himi
  • We clean water pipe
  • Let's know good how to get along liquor

Public information himi March, 2009 issue No. 665 [PDF file /2 .88 megabytes]



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