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Public information himi back number (2011)

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It is March, 2012 issue from April, 2011 issue.

  • [23, Heisei fiscal budget] General account is 21,320 million yen
  • Organization of city changes
  • We begin recycling of small home electric appliances

Public information himi April, 2011 issue No. 690 [PDF file /4 .48 megabytes]

  • For revival from the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake
  • In movie "hoshinofurumachi" public commemorative special feature When You Wish upon a Star oldness love

Public information himi May, 2011 No. 691 issue [PDF file /4 .59 megabytes]

  • Kitaomachi municipal ownership place in base of turnout
  • First aid treatment
  • Financial status of 22, Heisei second half of the fiscal year City

Public information himi June, 2011 No. 692 issue [PDF file /4 .15 megabytes]

  • [public information himi] We stare at now and keep moving forward
  • Deadline of various insurance tax, premium begins
  • Takarazuka review tour 2011

Public information himi July, 2011 No. 693 issue [PDF file /4 .52 megabytes]

  • The origin of hospitality
  • Kanazawa Medical University Himi Municipal Hospital September 1 move, opening
  • The 39th himimatsuri

Public information himi August, 2011 No. 694 issue [PDF file /4 .16 megabytes]

  • To local hospital where heart goes to
  • Let's eat up local gourmets
  • Nickname offers such as green tract of land Park
  • "himi Quito Quito comics way award" prize winner decision

Public information himi September, 2011 issue [PDF file /3 .95 megabytes]

  • Nature to stare at telling hometown
  • [Information&News] "Meal capital" Quito, Quito, Himi festival 
  • [tell! History, culture] Yakuro Saito of Himi 
  • [dream sketching] Michiyo Morikoshi (Himi-shi woman fire brigade)

Public information himi October, 2011 issue [PDF file /4 .45 megabytes]

  • If please notice message which heart gives off and finish - ear
  • [Information&News] We revise water and sewage charges
  • [tell! Remains group of remains of history, culture] Kurakawa E and Kurakawa of Himi 
  • [dream sketching] Hinata Castle Hiroshi (former professional baseball BC league Toyama Thunderbirds pitcher)

Public information himi November, 2011 issue [PDF file /4 .20 megabytes]

  • Thought - to connect to the Message - future
  • [Information&News] Holiday of each city facility year-end and New Year holidays
  • [dream sketching] Kanae Yamagishi (ambassador made specially in Toyama)
  • [tell! History, culture] Keijiro Maeda of Himi

Public information himi December, 2011 issue [PDF file /5 .01 megabytes]

  • 10 size news 2011 to look back toward Himi-shi
  • [Information&News] So that report preparations hasten!
  • [dream sketching] Masamitsu Koto, Yoshiko (Iseoomachi)
  • [tell! History, culture] Himi Line of Himi

Public information himi January, 2012 issue [PDF file /3 .82 megabytes]


  • We think about - dementia like oneself forever
  • [Information&News] Report consultation
  • [dream sketching] Yuichiro Hamai (Shimao native place)
  • [tell! Large camellia of history, culture] Fudo Nagasaka of Himi

Public information himi February, 2012 issue [PDF file /4 .08 megabytes]


  • National junior high student handball championship of the seventh new year
  • [Information&News] It is available from noetsujidoshadonadaura IC Himi north IC March 25
  • [dream sketching] Sawtooth oak (ichii) Hayato (Hotta)
  • [tell! History, culture] graduation photograph of Himi

Public information himi March, 2012 issue [PDF file /4 .00 megabytes]





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