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Public information himi back number (2013)

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It is March, 2014 issue from April, 2013 issue.

  • Budget of 2013 Himi-shi
  • Citizens' charter that the Himi mayoral election was new was established
  • [himi future inheritance] Middle Ages grave of Himi
  • [dream sketching] Takanori Yamashita

Public information himi April, 2013 issue No. 714 [PDF file /4 .22 megabytes]

  • Greetings of Mayor Motokawa appointment
  • Southern junior high school, Asahigaoka Elementary School juxtaposition school completion
  • Let's go for "Fujiko Ⓐ world Festival"!
  • [himi future inheritance] We learn "our hometown, Himi"
  • [dream sketching] Masahiro Shimada (Ao)

Public information himi May, 2013 issue No. 715 [PDF file /3 .99 megabytes]


  • The future changes by your action that is "environment month" in June!
  • Himi Citizen's College of Health festival
  • [himi future inheritance] Shell mound - morning sun shell mound and Kamikuzuro Nakaya remains of Himi―
  • [dream sketching] Yuhi Oiwa

Public information himi June, 2013 issue No. 716 [PDF file /3 .73 megabytes]

  • The first new city hall design workshop
  • June municipal assembly ordinary assembly
  • [himi future inheritance] Ill-drained paddy farming around 12 liman
  • [dream sketching] Kikuchi

Public information himi July, 2013 issue No. 717 [PDF file /3 .90 megabytes]


  • HAPPY child care in himi
  • Furtherance object of going to hospital medical expenses spreads by ninth grader from October 1
  • [himi future inheritance] Articles daily used by people of Himi
  • [dream sketching] Hisayoshi Matsunami

Public information himi August, 2013 issue No. 718 [PDF file /4 .71 megabytes]

  • Lion dance performer who connects area
  • The second new city hall design workshop
  • [himi future inheritance] The history and remains group of Kurakawa district
  • [dream sketching] The Himi handball youth

Public information himi September, 2013 issue No. 719 [PDF file /4 .36 megabytes]

  • New city hall field workshop
  • September municipal assembly ordinary assembly
  • [himi future inheritance] Japanese otter
  • [dream sketching] Red hair youth and manhood corps

Public information himi October, 2013 issue No. 720 [PDF file /4 .52 megabytes]


  • We carry out town planning contact talk of the mayor
  • The fourth city hall trace products from the earth utilization meeting
  • [himi future inheritance] Beast side earthenware vessel of Jomon period
  • [dream sketching] Kume district crime prevention patrol

Public information himi November, 2013 issue No. 721 [PDF file /4 .74 megabytes]

  • We firefighting team!
  • Holiday of each city facility year-end and New Year holidays
  • [himi future inheritance] Dried sardine and kanko
  • [dream sketching] Japanese classroom in Himi volunteer group

Public information himi December, 2013 issue No. 722 [PDF file /4 .37 megabytes]

  • Greetings Himi-shi 10 great news of the New Year
  • [himi future inheritance] Yellowtail fishing of Himi and the history
  • [dream sketching] Kurumi Hamamoto

Public information himi January, 2014 issue No. 722 [PDF file /4 .43 megabytes]



  • We talk about mayor will with new adult
  • Hand information during spring
  • [himi future inheritance] Old burial mound and the time of Himi
  • [dream sketching] House sakurura Dole of working woman

Public information himi February, 2014 issue No. 723 [PDF file /4 .63 megabytes]



  • National junior high student handball championship of the ninth new year
  • Josen Takano "challenge town planning lecture"
  • [himi future inheritance] Fire bell "of praying for rain and" mystery
  • [dream sketching] Yumi Kitahara

Public information himi March, 2014 issue No. 724 [PDF file /4 .60 megabytes]




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