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Himi-shi community antenna television broadcasting

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  In Himi-shi, we acquired permission as community antenna television broadcast company in March, 2000 and, for approximately 3,500 households of district where maintenance of Cable TV network was not anticipated in private company, laid optical cable and acted in enhancement of information and communication base. Furthermore, we produce voluntary broadcast from April, 2001 and tell citizen's everybody mainly on administrative information.


 Maintenance district

 ・The first facility maintenance (from June, 2000 March, 2001)

Shirakawa, Totsumiya, Okubo, figure, Nakata, medium frequency, the side, Miyata, Kotake, attaining enlightenment mouth, wakikoretaninai, saddletree, Yatabe, valley shop,

Look at Shinbo, Ueda, Tae, Ogume, Hizume, Hayakashi, Hinata, Kume; inner Furezaka, each whole area of the House of mulberry

And it is Busshoji, a part of Yokawa

 ・The second facility maintenance (from October, 2000 March, 2001)

A part of Mio, Tokonabe, Kuzuba, red hair, Tsuboike, Tanagake, Iwase, old valley, each whole area of Isobe and Busshoji

 ・The third facility maintenance (from June, 2001 February, 2002)

Awara, Yatabe Mitakubo, Kamata, Hokone, Ronden, Kumanashi, Terao, placard, Yoshigake, ichi*, Ajikawa, Harigi, corner interval,

It is mountain, Nagasaka, Hirasawa, Yoshioka of Namihira, each flat no whole area in Kotaki, Kunimi, walnut, Yayo Kita, Yabuta Mitakubo

And it is Busshoji, a part of Kamiyokawa


 License fee (April 1, 2014 revision)

  noetsu cable net which is designated manager of Himi-shi community antenna television broadcasting collects license fee. We would like inquiry about license fee and Cable TV to noetsu cable net telephone 0120-040-720.

 (1) When we install receiver

 Division  Number of receiver  Monthly basis
  General broadcast  The first unit  3,888 yen
 After the second unit  1,620 yen
  Special broadcast  The first unit  2,160 yen
 The second unit  1,620 yen
 After the third unit  1,296 yen

 (2) When we do not install receiver

   Monthly basis 1,080 yen



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