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Himi-shi formula Facebook page

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 We send information of living of Himi

In Himi-shi, to send information of living of Himi positively, and to plan Himi fan increase, Himi-shi formula Facebook pageWe open with the other window We began operation of (we link to outside site).

We send to information or event about living of Himi widely.

Himi-shi formula Facebook page is good", and "it can see information that oshiteitadakukotode, Himi-shi sent to in your Facebook.



Account: Himi-shi

Himi-shi formula Facebook page URL: open with the other window


 Content to send

  • Information (information of living, beauty, the history, traditional culture, sacred rites of nature, seasonal scenery) that we can make charm of Himi
  • Share of attractive information of Himi that general user posted
  • We admit that Others city is suitable


 Operational policy

About usage of Himi-shi formula Facebook page, Please see Himi-shi formula Facebook page operation policy.


 About comment that we had

For comment that all of you gave to, we reply as needed.

But please note that you cannot promise to reply for all comment.

About opinion, request about municipal administration, we show around window of charge section and may make comment non-indication.


Inquiry about this page

[ Public information Information Systems Section ]
〒935-8686 1060, Kurakawa, Himi-shi, Toyama Tel: 0766 (74) 8012 Fax: 0766(74)0692 Contact

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