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Himi-shi formula Facebook page operation policy

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Himi-shi ("Motoichi" as follows.) runs Himi-shi formula Facebook page.

It inflected as dispatch tool of municipal administration information and established for the purpose of promoting administrative Two-way Communication with citizen.


About contribution

At time when Motoichi performs contributions, we assume 5:00 p.m. basics from 9:00 a.m. until Monday through Friday except holiday and the year-end and New Year holidays.


About comment that we had

For comment that all of you gave to, we reply as needed.

But please note that you cannot promise to reply for all comment.

About opinion, request about municipal administration, we show around window of charge section and may make comment non-indication.


 Privacy Policy

About information that Motoichi places in our page, we deal based on law about protection of personal information and the regulations of Himi-shi appropriately so that there is not leak of personal information.

In addition, when we collect personal information, we state purpose clearly and use with chisel in range of use purpose.


 On the use


About comment to correspond to the following matters, please note that you may delete without notice.

  • Contents against public order and morals
  • Contents which violate right of slander slander and others
  • Contents for the purpose of politics or religious activity
  • Advertisement, advertising, invitation that are unrelated to business of Motoichi, contents including commercial contents including business activity
  • Contents which fan uneasiness of others including false contents and rumor
  • Contents including obscene expression
  • Contents which violate privacy such as identification, disclosure leaking personal information without consent of the person
  • Contents irrelevant to our page
  • Contents which Others, Motoichi judged to be inappropriate



As a general rule, copyright of information (text, image) publishing in our page belongs to Motoichi or original work author.

We cannot make reproduction, conversion without permission unless it was detected in Copyright Act including reproduction and quotation for private use.

But thing having you publish using function of "share" on link and Facebook to our page does not have any problem.



We are absolutely sure about accuracy of information that Motoichi places in our page, but, about all acts that user performs using information of our page, Motoichi does not take any responsibility.

In addition, our page may perform change of contents or review of modi operandi without notice.


Inquiry about this page

[ Public information Information Systems Section ]
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