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Link publication terms

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It is targeted for link   

  1. Group, company relevant in Himi-shi, homepage of store   
  2. Homepage where individual inside and outside the city sends information about Himi-shi to   
  3. Homepage that Others Himi-shi formula site webmaster recognized as need


Link standard   

Meet the next standard item.   

Do not include introduction, homepage to link to of homepage that was against standard item or applicable page.

  1. Do not include sexual expression or violent expression having an influence that it is not desirable for the young people.
  2. Do not include contents tied to crime.
  3. Do not include authorized person, contents to slander specific organization, group, and to slander, prejudice, discrimination or expression to resemble these in.
  4. Do not include political activity, thought activity and religious activity or invitation similar to these, contents for the purpose of propagation.   
  5. Of fear to lead to infringement of intellectual property there is not.
  6. Do not include contents against public order and morals.
  7. Do not include content to violate in Others law. 


In addition, we shall not publish thing which Himi-shi formula site webmaster judges to be inappropriate.


Link application   

Person in hope of link lists the following matter and shall propose.   

  1. Company, group name or personal name   
  2. URL in hope of link   
  3. Title of homepage   
  4. Introduction, the highlight of homepage   
  5. Person in charge full name   
  6. Phone number   
  7. E-Mail address



  1. When there is application, Himi-shi formula site webmaster shall examine about the right or wrong of link by the link standard mentioned above.   
  2. We shall notify applicant (the person in charge) of examination result by E-mail.


Link setting  

  1. About publication place in link setting page, Himi-shi formula site webmaster shall be decided.   
  2. It is said that publication matter is only homepage name and introduction sentence.


Cancellation of link   

In the case of next, Himi-shi formula site webmaster shall be able to cancel setting of link.   

  1. When there was proposal of link reset from applicant.   
  2. When Himi-shi formula site webmaster judged that we could not be connected in URL reported at the time of application.   
  3. When after linking, and having set, contents against the link standard mentioned above were confirmed in homepage.   
  4. When Others Himi-shi formula site webmaster recognizes as need.     


*Communication to applicant (the person in charge) dispenses in any of 1,2,3. 



  1. About any problem that occurred by homepage that Himi-shi links by application of applicant and set, all responsibility shall not be due.   
  2. Himi-shi shall not take responsibility for all about any problem that occurred by Himi-shi formula site webmaster linking, and not having set after applicant applied or by having canceled link on the way.


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