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Copyright, disclaimers


Copyrights such as sentence, image belong to Himi-shi information placed in Himi-shi formula homepage. But, about some images, original work author owns copyright.

Sentence, image cannot do reproduction, conversion information placed in Himi-shi formula homepage without permission unless it was detected in Copyright Act including reproduction and quotation for the personal use.

Please confirm licensing in charge section to have jurisdiction over each page by all means (charge section is listed in each page lower part). 


We are absolutely sure about accuracy of information listing in Himi-shi formula homepage, but, about all acts that user performs using information of this homepage, Himi-shi does not take any responsibility.

In addition, about damage that user put on by using homepage of outside group except Himi-shi linking to from Himi-shi formula homepage and loss, Himi-shi does not take any responsibility.


Stop, contents change of homepage

It may be different from the real situation by unexpected situation about information of Himi-shi formula homepage.

For maintenance of apparatus to run disaster and Himi-shi formula homepage and communication equipment, in Himi-shi formula homepage, stop or contents may be changed without notice.


Link policy

As a general rule, link to Himi-shi formula homepage is free.

But please note that contents may be changed without notice including constitution.

I decline link from homepage against homepage and public order and morals for the purpose of sale and business of product firmly.

We perform link to homepages such as group, company, store, individual in the city based on "link publication terms" in Himi-shi. Person that link is hoped for looks at the following "link publication terms", and apply than "about link application".

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