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Himi-shi formula homepage renewals about duties proposal first examination result

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The first examination result

As Himi-shi formula homepage renewals carried out the first examination in duties proposal screening committee, we announce the result.

Participation signifier was 7 people. There was refusal of 1 person of them, and there was presentation such as proposals from 6 people.

The first examination examined documents such as proposals which these 6 people submitted and acquired order as follows.

    A B C D E F
Examination item 1 plan suggestion 221 228 263 169 169 180
Maintenance, operation
190 184 229 158 140 169
30 26 41 25 19 27
Marking meter   441 438 533 352 328 376
Order   2 3 1 5 6 4

(table evaluates big person of total score in predominance by marking result of seven screening committee committees.) July 21 supplement: About the word "predominance" mentioned above, we are doing with meaning to perform soaked in order as superior order from person having high total score.

The first examination passage person (random order)


Tripartite the above

In addition, we add as we decide not to announce concrete name of enterprise until after last choice to secure equitableness of examination.

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