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It recruits members of Himi-shi citizen assembly

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About holding of citizen's assembly

In city, wide citizen's everybody gives suggestion for municipal administration to, and through assembly experience municipal administration administration

We hold "citizen's assembly" to have you deepen understanding and friendly feeling about structure of assembly.

Member of the Diet citizen's from person who is resident in the city and company, group, wide generation including person belonging to high school in the city and person of occupation

We raise.

Do you not suggest thought to the future of Himi-shi in assembly hall?

Assembly hall



It is person on (as of April 1, 2017) 16 years old to work at residence or company and group, school in the city in the city, and to go to school or older,

Person who is interested in municipal administration interest


From November, 2017 to February, 2018

Assembly schedule

 Schedule Held division Holding contents
 Sunday, November 12

Opening ceremony

Plenary session (organization assembly)

Whole first learning society

Learning society according to first Committee 

・The opening of a meeting, letter of commission grant

・Decision of schedule, the chairperson election, decision of committee constitution

・Role of assembly and structure, learning about rule

・Learning about overall municipal administration such as problems of municipal administration

・Learning about the way of municipal administration investigation

December Himi-shi assembly 

General interpellation day

Whole second learning society

Learning society according to second Committee

・Himi-shi assembly December ordinary assembly hearing

・Learning about problems of municipal administration according to each committee

 Sunday, January 21

Whole third learning society

Learning society according to third Committee

・Learning about how to write written inquiry

・Written inquiry making, suggestion discussion to municipal administration

 Sunday, February 4

Plenary session

Closing ceremony

・General interpellation for municipal administration

・It is closed suggestion about problem of municipal administration by each chairperson

The offer staff

For open call for participants limit five (the number of the members of the Diet is the whole 17)

Application method

You fill in matter necessary for application paper, and you e-mail mail, Fax or please bring.

Downloading of application paper


Deadline for application

It must arrive by Friday, October 13, 2017 



kikakumatsurigotosakukahiromehohirome*ninaito (address mention unnecessary)

Fax: 0766-74-0692



Examination, selection

We examine based on documents which had you apply and will tell all the applicants about result by the end of October.  


Inquiry about this page

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