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List of city elementary and junior high schools

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We release address of city elementary and junior high school, list of phone numbers.


List of city elementary schools

[name of school] [address] Phone number
Himi City Asahigaoka elementary school 3-1, Asahigaoka, Himi-shi (0766) 74-8422
hyokenshiritsuhibi*koshogakuko 13-50, Kitaomachi, Himi-shi (0766) 74-8427
Himi City Miyata Elementary School 258, Shimao, Himi-shi (0766) 91-1806
hyokenshiritsukuboshogakuko 1237, Kubo, Himi-shi (0766) 91-1807
Himi City Hunan elementary school 473, Ikubo, Himi-shi (0766) 91-1226
12 Himi City elementary schools 485, Moo, Himi-shi (0766) 91-0921
Himi City Kamisho Elementary School 338, Izumi, Himi-shi (0766) 72-1251
Himi City Meiwa elementary school 19, Taniya, Himi-shi (0766) 76-1152
hyokenshiritsusokukawashogakuko 93, Ogume, Himi-shi (0766) 76-2301
Himi City Kume elementary school 501, Furezaka, Himi-shi (0766) 76-2302
Himi City sea peak Elementary School 1015, Ao, Himi-shi (0766) 74-8430
hyokenshiritsunadaurashogakuko 1420, Kozakai, Himi-shi (0766) 78-1013


List of city junior high schools

[name of school] [address] Phone number
Himi City southern part junior high school 3-1, Asahigaoka, Himi-shi (0766) 74-8420
Himi City northern part junior high school 135, Kanou, Himi-shi (0766) 74-8417
Himi City western part junior high school 1379, Okubo, Himi-shi (0766) 76-2300
Himi City 13 junior high school 1406, Ikubo, Himi-shi (0766) 91-1238
Himi City Saijo Junior High School 3223, Yanaida, Himi-shi (0766) 91-1315


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