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Go to it! himi gets married [recruitment of members]

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We want to meet good person in this year…We want to get married! You called this. . .

Dream, Himi-shi support thoroughly.

We have Himi-shi official recognition "matchmaking busybody" make unnecessary interference, and let's bind good relationship together.

Go to it! himi gets married♪



Activity contents

 As business that Himi-shi supports happy marriage of youth and woman, we establish place of encounter and, besides, we raise human being through various seminars such as skill up, charm up and are intended that we grow up as member of society more.  

  Himi-shi authorized "matchmaking busybodies" of one loving hometown or one that wants to live in Himi in the future bind relationship of together.


One where we can join

It is almost next meeting all the requirements in single men and women to under 50 years old from 25 years old or more.

(1) One (if we can do it within one year) where there is marriage desire and wants to tie up rim to as soon as possible

(2) One where it is hoped to live in Himi-shi or to live in the city after the marriage

(3) One (as for the housemaiding, possible) with steady job or stable income


Participation registration expense and annual dues are all free.

As it is organization which Himi-shi runs, you can join in peace.

※ Only event entrance fee is necessary separately


We are going to have an interview

We perform simple interview with the person in charge.

As we send confirmation email from this, please let know convenient day and time by telephone or email.

Please assume title of email "we get married and hope for himi".


You send, and please fill in application afterwards.



Person confirmation, interview

For person confirmation, please bring identification card (driver's license, passport, the basic resident registration card) with photograph by all means. We cannot register when you do not have.

※ It becomes registration completion when person confirmation was finished.



Sightseeing interchange, woman support section

Man and woman participation in planning, matchmaking charge Nishida, 100 U.S. tree

〒935-8686 1060, Kurakawa, Himi-shi, Toyama

Tel: 0766 (74) 8190  Fax: 0766 (74) 4004

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