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The eighth Himi-shi master plan

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  The eighth Himi-shi master plan (from 2012 2021) started.


 Way of thinking (basic idea) of town planning

  Himi-shi inherited the history, culture such as rich nature, stationary fishing to spread from meal, the sea represented by "way of himi cold" to village forest. We develop aggressive interchange, cooperation with the inside and outside while letting you greatly open flower with these individuality, and citizen has oneself and pride for hometown and aims at town which we feel with a space and warmth of heart, and truly high quality life can realize.

  In addition, color is dark and values bond of remaining person in community and acts for improvement of area and builds structure of is new, assisting in area, and mind and body are healthy together, and all citizens maintain environment that we can live for happily and realize town which can realize security, relief.

 City image to aim at


   "Interchange city himi to tie person natural foods to in the future"


 The eighth Himi-shi master plan (the main story)


Cover greetings table of contents [PDF file /1 .17 megabytes]
First basics design [PDF file /3 .58 megabytes]





In development of Chapter 1 master plan
The general condition of Chapter 2 Himi-shi
Chapter 3 times tide and Himi-shi in the future
Figure of gusset pointing at the fourth chapter
Earlier period of second basic plan





Can live a comfortable high quality life with - convenience made with Chapter 1 living, and wait; - [PDF file /2 .42 megabytes]
Chapter 2 man build-up - a variety of human resources shine lively; wait; - [PDF file /1 .91 megabytes]
- all made with Chapter 3 spirit gather; is lively; with vitality wait; - [PDF file /2 .14 megabytes]
Corresponding to the establishment - decentralization era of Chapter 4 sustained possible local government management became independent; wait; - [PDF file /1 .29 megabytes]
Attached document [PDF file /1 .03 megabytes]



 The eighth Himi-shi master plan (summary version)


   The eighth Himi-shi master plan summary version (basics elaborate a plan from cover) [PDF file /3 .27 megabytes]

   The eighth Himi-shi master plan summary version (first half year basic plan) [PDF file /2 .46 megabytes]




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